Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back {2013}

This year has gone by incredibly fast.  
I started out 2013 with the honor of being my Best Friend's MOH at her New Year's Eve Wedding, which was so much fun!!
Starting off 2013 celebrating LOVE had to be a sign that I was going to have a good  an AWESOME year. 
I finally finished SCHOOL this year!
Finishing-up my degree gave me more time to blog :)
I blogged on and off, but this May I was in full blog form.
This was the year I became a 

Yes, I blogged for Tots To Teens, but this was my year to blog for me :)

I fell in love.
I've made so many encouraging and loving new friends.

New friendships grew and bloggy parties began ;)
Shameless plug the Mommy Monday Blog Hop is live
This year was a year of honesty and sharing me.

I vlogged some more..

I did some things for me...
I chopped my locks... for love.

I shared to hopefully help and encourage others...

This was the HARDEST post of the year.


However the biggest part of me that I shared this year…

My Loves
Sharing my babies this year on my blog was big…. but I did it for me.. for them..
I have a record of our lives here on this blog.

Oh and there was the move…

Which is where I'm at today.

We're miles away from home.  Nonetheless, we're making South Carolina our home.
My family and I will start the New Year off in our new home.
I don't know what 2014 has in-store for us, besides new beginnings. 
I know I want to make the most of 2014 and share it with you!
Thank you, for sharing 2013 with me, and following my journey.
Life's a work in progress, and I'm enjoying sharing it with you!

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