Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our weekend of lasts...

This weekend we enjoyed some things for the last time...
This year the downtown Holiday Grand Illumination {300,0000 lights lit up trees and rooftops} slash sculpture reveal was earlier than previous years, and luckily we were here to enjoy it... one last time!

The city was lit and the sculptures this year were gingerbread men and women donated by local businesses and painted by locals.

The kids were able to find all the different gingerbread men sculptures in the cool midwest night, lit by the glowing trees that run alongside the sidewalks and storefronts.

A visit to downtown for such a festive occasion calls for a hot chocolate and cookies... or cake
We went to our favorite spot, Le Chocolat, to take friends when they come visit us.
Now, we'll have to visit... our spot.. next time we visit..

The artist is a mega Christmas LOVER, considering this was her 'birthday weekend' attending The Holiday Grand Illumination and going on the gingerbread-man hunt was a treat for her.

The next day we took the artist {plus the rest of us} to the movies  and dinner with her BFF.
Seeing the two of them at the table next to the fireplace chatting away... was too cute!
I'm glad the two of them had this time together, a memory to save for ever

Sunday morning we had one last visit to the Mexican Bakery, there, we loaded-up on Pan Dulce and Tamales.
We're trying to soak in all the goodness of our town.
Our home...
for now anyway
If you were moving, what would you miss about your town?

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