Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm baaack

Howdy Y’all!  I’m back from Texas & I have plenty to share J I’ve been back for a little over a week but had to focus on getting my babies healthy.  So here I am, everyone is healthy and thankfully we made it back home safe.

Now, I’m back in school {boo}, trying to make my way through 1007 emails, and staying away from flu germs {eek}.  I also need to catch up on all my blog reading.  It’s crazy I couldn’t blog or anything while in Texas because Mama doesn’t do the Internets.  Something about it’s the devil  okay it’s not that serious but she doesn’t think fondly of the Internet.

There were and are so many things I wanted to blog about:

  • We just traveled over 1,100 miles with three kids, a dog, and granola in a rented mini van.
  • Holy Crap wait I’m really hitting the Surburban Mommy Sterotype I have three kiddos, a hottie husband, a dog, and I’m driving a red Minivan.
  • Wait maybe minivans aren’t that bad after all.

  • Being back in Texas with lots of change i.e.: divorces, new spouses, and some of my nieces and nephews are now TEENAGERS!
  • My best friend’s bridal shower I threw at my Mama’s house
  • My best friend’s super AWE.SOME. New Year’s Eve Wedding
  • The New Year's Day post
  • The there’s no place like home post
  • And the Holy Shit I’m a Chicagolander post
  • I miss reading my blogs L post
  • GIRL slap yourself you love your Truck post
  • Those are a few I can think of..

Even if I was able to blog while I was there I was extremely busy!  My time in Texas flew by incredibly fast.  I had a good time but it is good to be home.
On our travel back home my oldest daughter was sick and then our little guy got sick, so traveling home in a mini van with two sick kiddos couldn’t go fast enough.   Once we finally drove into town we were all off the wall crazy happy-- there may have been fist pumping. Maybe.   The next morning we decided to take the kiddos to the pediatrician, we made it a family affair we took all three since my youngest baby girl started the cough L 

That’s when we were hit with the what-the-fudge stick>>> my daughter went to Texas and came back with the flu! <<< WHAT!  We had our flu shots!  Which by the way only cover three strands of the flu and if you do have the flu shot it lessens the impact of the flu.  In spite of this, we were dumfounded she didn’t seem like she had the flu in Texas she had allergy-like symptoms, which makes sense it was fall in Texas.  Our Doctor agreed she probably was having allergy issues there but with her immune system down she was likely to pick up the flu bug easier.  WELL CRAP!  This made me feel HORRIBLE!
All three of my babies were put on Tamiflu and thankfully all of them made an Amazingly QUICK turnaround, I just kept the girls home for almost the whole first week of school because I didn’t wanted weaken immune systems in a Petri dish. 

In conclusion I’m glad my babies are on the mend, I’m glad we got to share time with family and amazing friends, and I’m also glad we made it back home safely to sweet Chicagoland!  I haven’t uploaded any photos yet but I cannot wait to share them all with you {okay maybe not all of them just the good ones of me}. Hope you are all having a fabulous New Year!  
P.S. Thank you for visiting and sticking around with me!


  1. Glad you all had a good trip and that everyone is back to feeling better. We're over our sickies here too. Thank goodness. Can't wait to see some of the pics you took!

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad your littles are better now too (; I'm looking forward to catching up on everything and getting more organized.

  2. We lived in Chicago for several years just off I-90, right in the O'Hare flight path ;-) We had a blast.

    Traveling with kids and a pooch can be so hard, so sorry your babies got sick :-(

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :)
      Don't you just love Chicagoland? I came here with such a negative attitude. I wanted to like Chicago but then I wanted to hate it too. I'm a true blue Texan & Texas was always King. However Chicagoland has my heart-- all three of my babies were born here and this place has become HOME.
      Thanks again for the visit.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sally. Glad to be back! Thank you for stopping by hope you visit again :)


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