Sunday, January 20, 2013

So last year >> Our Christmas

It dawned on me that I did not share my Christmas with y’all.  
Christmas here at mi casa was lovely 
But with all the excitement we all had because we were leaving to Texas it somewhat overshadowed Christmas {okay... just a little}.  However our Christmas morning was perfect! My babies ran down the stairs excited to see Santa had came & of course their grandparents all hooked 'em up too.  These kids wouldn't miss Santa if he decided to skip out one year because well with all their grandparents their good.... 

My husband & I always get excited to see what Penguin Shop {School Shop} presents the girls pick out for us.  I'm such a crybaby I seriously get all emotional when I open those presents-- they mean the mostest I don't know about y'all but The Christmas Story plays at my house after present-opening we also eat cinnamon rolls and kick it.  Our Christmas is always laid back... we don't get all fancy we play with the new toys and games all day in our Christmas P.J.s. 

This Christmas was just a little bit different because we left Christmas night to start our drive to Texas.  This year I was packing on Christmas day and deep cleaning to make sure we came home to a clean house..... I just wasn't ready to come home with sick kiddos :(

I have more pictures to share from my trip to Texas, I will have those up hopefully Tuesday J  
Have a lovely day & thanks for checking in!

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