Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm in shock y'all!

I've stated that my family and I are big foodies, we love food, we love foodie-type shows.... that's why it was quite shocking to hear about Paula Deen. 
If you aren't aware of who Paula Deen is, she is the sweet southern grandma you wished you had to make you fried buttermilk chicken, homemade donuts, and biscuits and gravy... well that was before this.  

My girls loved Paula Deen, she reminded them of my Mom; always laughing and saying y'all.  However what has come out of Paula's mouth allegedly and admittedly in the past>> my Mama would not tolerate. If you read the deposition from Jackson v. Deen it's shocking stuff. 

I'm always perplexed when people I assume have big hearts and good intentions, fall short.  Why don't people consider their actions... their words?  Why would someone say she liked the look of an era... which happens to be one of the ugliest eras in America's history?  WTF?
I'm not a racist but I use racially insensitive words-- say what?

It makes me sad.  What makes me even more sad>> people making light of hateful comments on Twitter.  There is a hashtag of racist tweets in the name of Paula Deen?  Don't understand why people would keep it going... 

I don't know... guess I'm still waiting on the world to change. 


  1. I was bummed out too. I actually went to a cooking class at her restaurant years and years ago. I am so disappointed. And that's putting it mildly. I don't understand how she could act that way, and why she would say the things she did. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at anything anymore.

    1. I guess you never know.... I always try to see the good in a person, and I genuinely saw her as good people. The things she let go on and the language.. it is ignorant, and hateful. I understand not everyone knows, what they don't know. However, there still has to be some knowledge of what wrong is, and knowing the difference between love and hate. Words and actions both count.
      Thanks for stopping by. XOXO

  2. I just read about this yesterday. I was online getting ready to write today's post and got totally sucked into the story. I couldn't believe it. I NEVER in a million years expected it and it's gotten really really ugly. :(

    I liked Paula - but she isn't my favorite so I won't really miss her . . . but I'm still in shock that she is part of a scandal like this. I know that part of being a Celebrity Chef is acting but who knew she wasn't the sweet, southern gal she portrayed herself to be???

    Very sad.

    1. Indeed so sad!!! Makes me kind of sick...


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