Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Wordless{ish} Wednesday} It's a boy!

Well, back in March I told y'all our family was ready to open our hearts to a new little furry family member... remember?  Well if not... I did, and we did!  We meet all sorts of lovely little fur balls but this lil' guy stole our hearts.

How did he get the name: Maximus has a sister, the kids wanted us to adopt her too. They had already named her Ruby.  
Max & Ruby.
However, we just knew we couldn’t swing two dogs in our little house with three kids too.  So, no Ruby.  
I’ve always loved the name Alawishes. I know it’s crazy.

This little guy has stolen our hearts and has made us pull out a couple hairs!
Maximus is on a natural grain-free diet {I know fancy right} & I am always chasing him around the house or yard eating junk.  He just loves to EAT plastic!  My backyard is a hot mess now. 
Oh and my son now has a scar over the bridge of his nose because Maximus tripped him and he hit the desk drawer.  5 stitches later I’m almost over it. 

Maximus may at times give us grief but he has this warm heart. {Maximus is an old soul}
He truly is a LOVER.  Every person who meets our little furry man always says, “He is so loving.”  It’s true--> he snuggles, he wants to be held {well for a bit}, and he loves to be around us, when he is not wrecking our backyard. 

He has become one of us.  We are getting use to his puppy antics although he’ll be a year old in November I’m hoping this will pass.  I am so over sticking my hand in his mouth it’s just wrong and GROSS.  
Does anyone have/had a dog who chews random junk & how do you stop it?


  1. What a cutie! When our pups were little, they chewed on everything. They eventually outgrew it. I hope you're enjoying your time with him :)

  2. Thank you:) We are loving our time with our new lil' furry man. I'm hoping to get through this phase soon.... {{{{fingers crossed!!!!}}}}
    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Max is so cute! Hopefully, Ruby has found a loving forever home too! I miss having a dog but both kids are allergic so I'll have to wait 18 more years until I can finally get another. The things we sacrifice for our kids.

  4. Thank you :) He is a handful but we love his loud snoring funky tush.

    Sorry about the kiddos :( that stinks, are they allergic to dogs & cats?


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