Friday, May 24, 2013

Casual Friday

You know it is baffling, how I possess tons of pictures of my family, and not so much of me.  This of course stems from me always being behind the camera taking said pictures, but maybe it doesn't... 
As much as I come off as confident, sometimes, I'm downright a Debbie Downer when it comes to myself.  
I'm hard on myself. I pick apart myself.  I over analyze myself.  
I know I'm beautiful, where it counts.  I know my heart is always in the best place.  Yet-- I still question my beauty.  
I'm sure I'm like any other gal out there with a touch of insecurities; one day I think I look remarkable, and the next I'm beating myself up.
My husband has questioned, why?  
Why? I don't know.  
He is always telling me I'm beautiful-- with just jeans, t-shirt, and my hair pulled back, he makes me feel like I'm the most gorgeous  lady he's ever looked at {at that moment I'm filled with the feeling of untouchable beauty}.  Everyday he expresses that he believes he's the luckiest man in the world.   
And still {sighs} I have my I-don't-feel-pretty-days.
I realize I need to stop saying negative things about myself (of course, I never talk negative about myself in front of my children.  I've seen enough Dr.Phil's to know what happens when you do that.)
So, I have made a pledge to myself... to try not to say any negative things about myself.  I also plan on taking more pictures of me, and sharing them, here.
Today I'm linking up again {two weeks in a row-- woot woot} with the beautiful Lena @Lena B, actually.
Here is my Casual Friday Look, through the eyes of a

When you have a shorty taking your pictures, you get quite a few of your feet as well as a bunch of 
I do have a head :)

See the pinkness on the bottom left hand corner-- that is my little man's thumb.  I love my boy-- he was having such a good time pretending to be a photographer, he even directed me.

My home t-shirt was by way of my TexasLove board on Pinterest. My husband saw the shirt on my board, and purchased it for me- for Mother's day.  
My Marilyn Monroe belt buckle is one of my all time favorite accessories via Etsy.
Every girl needs a good pair of ripped-up jeans.. well at least every Texas girl. Do you have a pair?
The boots are my favorite pair, they're Fatbaby Saddle Boots
I have had these boots for years, and they're still the best.
And what do you think does adding the jacket gussy it all up?

Lena B, Actually


  1. i agree...a nice worn pair of jeans is all you need and i need those! love the pictures from your little were captured perfectly.

    enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you Chandra. I love my photographer so much-- that I decided I'm gonna keep him ;) FOREVER.
      Jeans for me are always *in* fashion, wear them right and they'll do you good.
      Thank you for stopping by, I absolutely adore your style!

  2. Honey, you ARE gorgeous! Be kind to yourself... you deserve it! I love that your 4yo took these pics... I'm always trying to talk my kids into helping me with photos too! So cute!!
    LOVE this post and I LOVE that you linked up AGAIN with us for Passion for Fashion! ♥

    1. You are too kind... thank you!
      I think my little man, is trying to become your second shooter if you need one :) You know for foot shots.
      Your link-up is incredible fun, and I'm enjoying sharing more of me.

  3. We are our own worst critics, aren't we? It's so easy to sit here and say "You're beautiful" but until you feel it and own it... But here's to getting comfortable in your own skin. I'm right there with you.

    And love the Country Rocker Girl Chic. So cool.


    1. Thank you. I'm still growing. Just when I think I'm comfortable in my own skin, I relapse. Crazy. Just as my title suggests I'm a work in progress.... I'm always trying to improve and progress. I think we all our.
      And you my friend, you are beautiful :)
      Thanks for always being a sweetheart <3


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