Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Artist, Blog Love, and OK

 This weekend my daughter {7} had two of her art projects- the cardinal picture & her pumpkin- included in the school district's art show. We are proud of our little artist- she is extremely talented and loves to paint, color, craft, and create with clay.  This is a proud first grade moment for her-- of course for us {hubs&I} too!

Every year our school district puts on a awe-inspiring art show, showcasing the talent of the young artists within our school district. 

Aren't these drawings/paintings astounding! 
These are works of art from kids ranging from 7-18! Some of the drawings/paintings/digital art at the show were deep.  The kids poured their hearts and souls into them. I'm not sure I was that abstract when I was in middle school-- high school maybe {?}. How about you?
In my last post I shared that I was nominated for a Liebster :) 
Well, make sure you check that out since you didn't click that link- but please keep reading.

Christina from @ Home With My Tots has posted her answers & randoms over at her blog, so please go show her some love.  Once my other nominees get their posts up, I'll make sure to send you over there, hopefully you will find a new blogger to <3.

Speaking of sharing some love...
We all know the devastation that has struck Oklahoma, I saw this on FB and wanted to share it here. Please help if you can- one text helps.  XO Share some love & receive love.


  1. Looks like you have a little artist on your hands ;o) Love her work! Congrats on the award too! Hope you have a great night!

    1. Thanks :) We are quite fond of her work-- we're just running out of space to place it...


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