Thursday, May 9, 2013

What are your thoughts...Mamas?

I saw this pin on Pinterest & had to laugh.  However it's true.
Remember when you use to blow your breath and say, I'll never do that or say that to my kids?
But now you do.
On the brighter side there are things you say to your kids that your mother said, which meant the world to you.
My eleven years of being a mama has been eleven years of growth.
I have learned to embrace all the positives from my parents parenting, and omit the not so warm and cuddly side. 

I'm not sure if you ever stop growing as a mother. 
My mom has started opening her heart more lately. 
It's kind of crazy she's become quite the text-er these days.  Her texts are filled with sweet memories.
I want that.  
I want to be the Mama that can quote memories and words that my children said to me over the phone-- or whatever it is we use in the future.
Before each child was born (and I have three) I started a notebook.  
My notebook for them is filled with memories and love notes to them.  
I have to admit lately I have slacked on the whole notebook thing :(

Alike my Mom, I have the bad habit of calling one child by the another child's name. {Clears throat} I've also been known to go through all three of the babies' names and..... the.... dog too :-/

Do you quote your mom or do something similar to your mom? Does it drive you crazy or make you happy?

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