Friday, February 28, 2014

Green Eggs And Ham with a Natural Latina Flair

Before I go into my green eggs & ham, I'd like to share the "green" in my eggs.   Over the summer, I made pesto with cilantro and lime and thought I was a freakin' genius!  Nobody has ever thought to use cilantro surely… {Fast Forward earlier this month 2/2014}
I was looking through my new Paleo book Practical Paleo and behold someone else is a genius, Diane Sanfilippo, used cilantro too but she one upped me, she used macadamia nuts oh and wrote a book.. overachiever!!  Being the Latina Mommy I am… I decided to spice up my pesto and add some more Latina flair :)

Here's how:

1/3 Cup of Macadamia roasted/salted nuts
1    Bunch Cilantro
1    Heaping Teaspoon of fresh crushed garlic {or more if you like}
1/2 the Juice of a Lime
1    Big ol' organic serrano jalapeno (TAKE THE SEEDS OUT)
      EVOO {for you non-Rachel Rayers that's extra virgin olive oil}

In your food processor--I use the Ninja, it's a dream-- add everything but the EVOO.  You want to *slowly* add your EVOO between pulses to reach the right consistency.

This recipe will supply you enough cilantro pesto to store some away for later meals.  

Here are a few suggestions: use on chicken, shrimp, cauli-rice or per Practical Paleo yellow squash noodles.

My kiddos have enjoyed dipping chorizo sausage slices in the pesto or adding this pesto in a quesadilla. 

But one of our favorites is green eggs & ham with a Latin flair. We don't use dyes, we use our cilantro pesto.
Scramble eggs, cook in butter or ghee, season (I like fajita seasoning), and add pesto. 
For two eggs I use about a tablespoon of pesto, however feel free to use more or less.
The ham? Well, I used slices of organic, nitrate free, Spanish chorizo sausage.  If you want the ham to be green pour a little pesto on the sausage. 


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