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Ask Away Friday with @UpliftingFam {Q&A}

It's Friday, which means it's time for Ask Away Friday!
If you're new here, #AAF is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other better.
Bloggers swap 10 questions and answer via their respective blogs.
This week I have the pleasure of finally swapping with Christy from Uplifting Families.
I'm quite sure I *meet* Christy through #AAF.
However, Christy and I do most of our chatting via… yup, you guessed it TWITTER :)
Christy, is quite an interesting lady, she has a lot going on with kiddos, educating home pre-schooling  and sharing numerous helpful tips on her blog.
I'm a fan of anyone who shares their heart with parents the way Christy does.  She has some truly great advice on her blog.
Okay, okay, I've kept you waiting long enough.

Christy: I noticed that your daughter just turned 12 a few months ago, do you feel like kids are expected to learn more at school and don’t get enough time to be a kid? What is your take on this?

Me:Hmmm…. I have mixed feelings.  For one, I'm behind on this post because I was helping my daughter with her Honors Math >< gah! 
Daily, she comes home with tons of homework! I feel bad for her because I want her to enjoy her "down" time although it just doesn't seem like she's getting as much these days.
On the other hand, I do feel our nation is lagging and we need to improve our skills.  I'm not sure if so much work is the way to get there…..
My eldest daughter is in a STEM school, I'm beyond thankful for that.  As a little woman it's important to me that she possess a great education especially in areas were women are needed. 

Christy:  I remember when I was growing up my parents let me play outside unattended with my friend as long as I told them where I was going. I never let my kids go outside unattended, do you allow your children to play outside by themselves? If they are still too young, will you let them play
outside when they are older by themselves?

Me:Back home {Illinois} I use to go outside with the kiddos and chat with the other Mamas in the culdesac. It was nice, I loved that other parents were always outside keeping an eye on the kiddos. On occasion I would let the girls go out and play without my supervision.
Now, that we've moved, I don't think I will feel safe enough to let them out.  Don't get me wrong, we live in a great community, with one of the lowest crime rates, but I still worry.  I don't let my guard down… especially when it comes to my kids.
I haven't seen parents seating out front watching the kids like back home.

Christy:  What is your best advice for a new mom?

Me:Take care of yourself. Love that baby, care for that baby, but ultimately you cannot take care of that sweet baby, if you don't take care of yourself.
When your baby is napping give yourself a break, relax, watch trashy television, do some yoga, drink some tea, or take a hot shower… DON'T FORGET TO EAT! A healthy mama is essential!
Tweet: New Mom advice:Love that baby,care for that baby,but ultimately you cannot take care of that sweet baby, if you don't take care of yourself
Christy:  You are so smart and plan freezer meals to heat up during the week. What inspired you to start freezing meals?

Me:A few things:
My kiddo's sports schedules
I wanted to have healthy meals on the table everyday
My husband and I were tired of wasting food

Christy: What is your family’s favorite freezer meal?
Me: Hmmm.. if you ask my family, they'll tell you enchiladas.  It's definitely not Paleo but the kids love when I make them a pan of enchiladas.
Christy: What is your favorite brand and color of nail polish?

Me:Surprisingly, I don't have a favorite brand.  I know, I know, I'm the nail polish swap lady, but if it works, it works :)
I'm a simple kind of gal. 

Christy:  I want my youngest son to enjoy reading books. How did you introduce reading to your children?
Me: I started when the kids were babies.  I read to them before they could even understand.  Going to the library has always been huge here and I think that helps to get kids excited. It's a treat!
My youngest started trying to read at 3.  Now, he's reading me books in Kindergarten. 

Christy: What is your favorite children’s book?
We LOVE Marc Brown!!!
We loved meeting Kristi Yamaguchi, she was so sweet! 

Me: Yikes! One book!!
I love children's books.  I have so many favorites.
Growing up the original Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was my favorite. I don't know if I can pick just one book now, there are so many books we love! 

Christy:  You told me that you were from TX, where in Texas are you from?

Central Texas, Born and Raised!

Christy:   Advice for a new blogger: If you could start blogging all over again, would you continue to use blogger or find your own self hosted domain?

Me: My advice is be yourself.  You don't have to create a new you to fit in, just be... authentically awesome you.  Also, blogging is more than writing it's about connecting, reach out to other bloggers. 
Currently, I'm reading studying this book by Becca Ludlum, Everything But the Posts, she shares some seriously superb advice! Becca breaks blogging down and shares templates!!! Plus Becca is a sweetheart and if you purchase her book, you're contributing to a kindhearted, hardworking blogger. :)

I would totally host my own domain. I didn't even start this blog to become a "blogger"-- I wanted to sell tutus :)
Looks like I'm selling myself these days… wait… I mean my.. eh.. you get it!
I plan on switching things up, get ready for a move and a facelift!

Thank you Christy for you awesome questions! Please make sure you head over to Uplifting Families to see what I asked, and how Christy answered :)
Also, check out the linky….

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