Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Reasons Why I'm LOVING Make-Ahead Freezer Meals

This past Sunday before the big game {Super Bowl}, I, along with my kitchen helpers prepared over 12+ meals.  (Super Big Thank You to Mr. AOK, he was a HUGE help ♡)

I wish I would've taken more pictures… I only have ONE! 
Next time I do this I will take more pictures, share tips, and  recipes ;)

I spent around $275 on mainly organic veggies & meat, plus ingredients, freezer bags, and foil casserole dishes. 

This was a crazy week for us and make ahead freezer meals saved the week!

1. We had dentist and doctors appointments, plus impromptu costume making, so having meals in the freezer to pop in the slow cooker or in a pan was such a huge help!

2. This was my first time ever preparing make-before meals in bulk and although I picked up extras for the week... I kind of goofed and forgot to get enough stuff for lunches.  However, with the freezer meals I was able to make rollover meals for the kiddos' lunches and my hubby's lunch too.  I made chicken & black bean quesidillas, shredded pork & guacamole pita pockets with lettuce and of course packed-up leftover soup.

3. Make ahead MEATBALLS! I've made make ahead meatballs before because of the whole Paleo thing; for easy dinner & lunches this is perfect.  Again, I forgot about the lunch stuff :-/
I popped 10 meatballs in the oven for the kiddos while they ate breakfast and in about 10-15 minutes>> they had their main course for lunch.  I always have Newman's or Whole Foods Pasta sauce on hand, so I put a little in a separate container for dipping.

4. Veggies! Everyday this week my kiddos have consumed veggies...and plenty of them! As much as I am a healthy food nut, somedays... I slack on the veggies :(
Every meal I've made has had tons of veg. The meatballs have  veggies in them too.

5. I'm sick
If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my frowny-sick-face-selfie. 
I'm so glad I had these meals to help out.  When you're sick it's nice to have soup… right? Thankfully, I had all the fixin's for Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup (minus the rice).  I had the veggies and precooked meat frozen ahead, next I just had to pour the pantry ingredients into the pot {broth, crushed tomatoes, and sauce}, and in about 15-20 minutes dinner was done!
Bonus:Yesterday my husband cooked the prepared chicken stir fry

With lacrosse & softball season coming up I think sticking to freezer meals will be quite beneficial. 
Do you freeze ahead too? 

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