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Ask Away Friday with The Frill of Life Part 2

It's been a while since I have done an #AskAwayFriday, I'm happy to say #AAFs are back here on my blog. I'm starting off  Ask Away Friday with my girl, Heather from The Frill of Life.  Heather is such a sweet, supportive, and caring blogger, I'm grateful for her friendship.  If you haven't had the pleasure of "meeting" Heather yet, please go check out her blog.  This is our second time swapping, because us two gals just needed to catch up :)

1. I know you moved recently. I hope that's going well. What's one thing you love about your new hometown that wasn't available in Chicagoland? Buckets of sweet tea, the beach, and New York Style pizza?  :D
2. You've gone Paleo! My hat's off to you! Although I cannot relate on that level, I totally relate on drinking greens! I'm in love with my morning green smoothie... Do you have any favorite recipes yet? 
I actually made the best smoothie the other day, and I CANNOT wait to make it again.
I've kind of slacked on the challenge since taking care of my honey and catching his cooties... I'm all out of greens :(

3. You and Courtney have been hosting the Sorry, Not Sorry Social forever! How do you choose which platforms to link up each week? 
When Courtney and I were in the planning phase, we decided we would rotate the 4 out 8 social platforms {that's including your blog url}

For instance, this week we're linking up Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin and next week we will link up Blog, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. 

However, my most favorite Sorry, Not Social was our Random Acts of Kindness Week Sorry, Not Sorry Blog Share.

4. Back in October you swapped questions with Amber and I was pleased to learn that you and I were both taken with the same book in high school: The Great Gatsby! I loved it. For a long time, it was my "favorite book of all time." Have you read it since high school?

Sadly, I have not.  I wanted to read it before the movie came out and never did.
5. I was also super excited that it was made into a movie. I made the hubbs take me on opening night, I was that excited. But in October, you still hadn't seen it. Have you now? If so, what did you think???
I still have only seen the original Gatsby :( 

My husband and I were going to buy the new one, but I heard it wasn't that great.  So, I plan on renting it, but I still want to reread the book.
6. I love books-turned-movies. When I hear they're coming out, I like to read (or sometimes re-read) them right before they hit the big screen, that way it's fresh in my mind. Do you do this as well?
Yes, that's another reason why I still haven't watched The Great Gatsby.  I have not reread the book, I need to do that. 

It's also a rule in our family for our kiddos.  My daughter {12} is a huge Harry Potter fan, she had to read the books before she could see the movies.  She's read them all about 10 times each :)

{This is her acting the like the Prisoner of Azakaban}
And even though I hesitated, we let her read The Hunger Games series. My husband and my daughter went to see a double header at the theater.  The theater played the first one and then Catching Fire, one on opening night :) 

7. You're a freezer meal queen! Do you have a favorite freezer meal recipe to share?
My favorite make-ahead is meatballs, I can pop them in the kiddos' lunches with veggies and applesauce.  I don't use breadcrumbs instead I sneak in veggies.  I use my NINJA to chop up veggies and add those into the ground beef, bison, chicken, or turkey.  
I like to make a variety of meatballs and flavors.
For turkey meatballs I may make them buffalo style, adding buffalo sauce, onion, celery, garlic, and carrots.
For chicken meatballs I may add onion, garlic, salt, pepper, pineapple, splash of soy.
For beef I may use Italian seasonings basil, oregano, salt, pepper, bell pepper, onion, garlic, celery, and carrots.
And for bison I can spice it up Mexican style chili powder, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, jalapeno, bell pepper, and carrots.

8. I love the Nail Polish Swaps that you've been initiating. So much fun, not to mention I've met some pretty amazing ladies through it! So when can we expect the next one??? I need something to look forward to after April!

Probably, June/July time frame, because we all need cute Summer toes... am I right?
9. You're a busy mama settling in a new area, taking care of a hubby and kiddos. You always seem to have it together so well (see #7 and your Twitter feed last Saturday making perfect Paleo muffins while supervising the kiddos helping you bake them AND attending #SITSSharefest.?. You're officially on my list of heroes). 
So what happens when Mama AOK starts to not have it together? What do you do to "regroup"?
Aw, did you get the $50 I slipped you?  
Seriously, thank you for that, I honestly don't believe I have it all together.
Actually, I find myself doing exactly what I know I shouldn't do, comparing myself to other mothers/bloggers who seem to have it all "put together."  I know that's bad, when I find myself doing that I stop myself and remind myself this is my life and we are happy.
What do I do...
I make a list.  If I feel like everything is spinning out of control... I make a list and prioritize.  It's just gratifying to scratch things off a list.
How do I regroup...
Well, I take a deep breathe, hot shower, cup of coffee or tea, and move forward. 

10. I guess since we're both bloggers,  I'll throw in a blogging question: What's the thing that surprised you the most about blogging? And you cannot say relationships or friends you've made because that's what everyone says. If that is the thing that surprised you the most (which I would totes agree), then pretend the question is the thing that surprised you second most!
Okay, I'm going to get deep here.  Blogging helped me with my anxiety.  It's been a great way to channel my thoughts in a positive manner.  My mind is now focused on family, life, blogging, and being positive. 
Answer one question you asked me!
I asked Heather:
7. What does your son think of Mommy's blog?  Does he ever, help you with your blog?
My son is five, he thinks it's cool that mommy has a blog. On occasion he'll say "I love you Mrs. AOK" it's cute. He tells me on occasion I should take a picture of something and put it on my blog.  He's actually taken pictures with my iPhone and said can you put this on your blog. 

Thanks Heather for swapping with me! Don't forget to check out The Frill of Life.
*Disclaimer: I'm sick while writing this up, I'm on medication; hopefully this post makes sense. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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