Saturday, May 4, 2013

So many works in progress....

I have quite a few works in progress & I want to share.  I cannot wait to get them done, and to finally show you the end result.  I am the worst at starting multiple projects at a time!  Am I the only one who does this?  Sometimes I wonder if I have attention deficit disorder, and I am being completely serious.  Honestly, my wheels are always spinning.  My focus can get so clouded because I begin to focus on another task or concern.  


Relate to; be about.
Anxiety; worry.
verb.  regard - touch - worry - affect - pertain
noun.  care - worry - interest - anxiety - business - firm

Which concerns me.. because concern is just another word for WORRY.... I HATE worry! 

Worry is bad for the soul.  I know this, and then I begin to worry about my worry. Did I just lose you?  

I'm not a religious person by any means.  I am a faithful person.  I do have faith in many things. The more I can learn and take from any faith or ideology and pour it into my mind stew--> I do.  

I love gathering knowledge but I have been told... by a doctor... I'm too smart?  {Puzzled face} 
What? Me? Ummm, honestly she must not know the struggle I have with numbers + alphabet together.  However, she did not mean I was a genius, nor did she mean I should go apply for my masters at Harvard.  
She just meant I'm a thinker, and I'm always searching for knowledge.  This to me was interesting to hear.  I gather knowledge and always question, which sometimes is a Jedi mind f**k. I cannot always take things for what they are.  

I'm always asking...

I'm always thinking...
I wish I could live oblivious not always searching for more.  
Typing that out just felt wrong, the fact is I don't. I do want to seek answers.
I do want to know more.
I do have tons of questions. {See I'm obviously an inner struggle}

And I do want to progress. I believe to do so, I must keep researching.  Sometimes my research may mislead me or even make me angry.  

However, I'm not sure there is truly life without little to no concern.  Besides I'm a mutha, the minute I found out I was pregnant->BOOM-- CONCERN.  
I was worried/concerned for my unborn child and my mothering skills.

Holy crap I just went on tangent and displayed my ability to get off track... didn't I?

Well, here is what I'm working on. {And thanks for reading my public rant.}

Okay, remember how I'm trying to fall back in love with mi casa?  Well... I decided it was time to start a living room overhaul. Slowly working on that...

Here is my new rug, which I am in love with in an almost obsessive way-- per my kids and my dog (I'm sure). We also got rid of the old couches {happy dance}

Next, is my new cloffice closet+office.  I have turned my closet into an office.  My husband and I are now sharing a small closet together so, wish us luck.  My cloffice is almost done! I'm loving having my own spot, with my new computer :)  Mr. AOK gave a computer and mini iPad for finishing school FINALLY! Love that hot tamale.

Then you have our growing garden.  We decided to increase our garden and go all out my husband and I.  Last weekend the two of us built three garden boxes.  Now we need to get our organic, Non GMO, grown with love fruit & veggies in there.

And of course you always have me... 

If you just read through my rant... I'm always evolving.  I'm trying to stir away from the negative and navigate to WHO I am, and where I want to be.  I think I'm in a good place but I know I can achieve better.  

Peace & Love Always!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Loving all of your comments. Just stopping by to see what you are all about and I love your blog! You have to do a how-to on those garden beds. Was it expensive? My Hubs and I have 3 acres of land that are not used...except by those darn fire ants...

    New follower here! You are A-OK!


  2. Well Howdy Mrs. Chels! Thanks for stopping by. I am mosdef posting about our garden beds-- I'm quite proud of us. We used cedar so, the beds were a little on the expensive side but I think well worth it. I believe for all the materials it was around $200.
    I would LOVE 3 acres!! I need each acre for per kiddo they are quite expensive to feed :)

  3. Hey there! Here from the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I'm following you via GFC and Bloglovin'! I also Iiked your Facebook page and am following all your social networks :o) Hope you'll get a chance to check me out!


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  4. Thank you for following along!!! I'm looking forward to connecting with you :)


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