Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sleepless in Chicagoland

Well... {heavy sigh}... I haven't shared the slight blow we had this summer. You know the big move to Seattle!  Well we were all excited- {sort of} to relocate to Seattle.  We had the move to Seattle under our hats; we didn't tell too many people because the fine print wasn't all mapped out.  I don't know call me superstitious but I just wanted to wait before we popped bottles of Cristal {Let's be honest sparkling grape juice}. 

My hubby got the job--> he was going to move-up in the company!  My husband's company is awesome they have taken care of us for years.  His company helped us move into our current home, they supplied us with movers, realtor fees, and gave us a place to stay while we looked for homes.  We are extremely grateful for the benies my husband's company provides.  So, when we were told there was going to be full relocation we were all >>> SCORE!  

In the past full relocation meant: movers, realtor, and if the house didn't sell they would purchase it! I know right... awesome!
Well that was before no one could sell their home.  We got the call form the relocation company, and the lady from the relocation company informed us there would be NO buying of houses or help with realtors--just referrals L
Ummmm.... NO BUENO!  There have been plenty of FORECLOSURES in my area & we weren't going to be one of them.  

I've seen a house in my neighborhood on the market for almost TWO YEARS!  We thought long and hard on what would be the best option for our family and we decided it just wasn’t possible to try to battle the housing market. 
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I had already started to get ready to move
People were already congratulating my husband
We finally got the kids excited to go.
We had educated ourselves on all things Seattle.
We planned trips to different Seattle hotspots.
And then. we had to turn the job down!

I cannot say it’s all bad. 
I wasn’t 100% on this move.  Call me psychic but I kind of didn’t see it happening.
I was also sad leading up to it all— Illinois has becomeHOME.  I have a great little community, awesome neighbors, and the kids' school is great. 

I hate to see things that are Seattle related, it’s kinda like a reminder of how we were all excited for our new move & it didn’t happen L. 
Oh wells on to the next adventure. We’re enjoying our Midwestern Fall >>beautiful!
I’m trying to fall back in love with my crib, so forgive me if I start to blog about my visits to World Market, Home Goods, and other home stores. 
Anywho 2 weekends ago, was my birthday and I cannot wait to finally share some of my pictures from my day. 


  1. Everything happens for a reason I believe. And I wouldn't mind your blogging about World Market or Homegoods. We're starting up the hunt for a new place and I'm dying to start some interior decorating projects. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. You know I think you're right... something is suppose to happen here in Chicagoland or we still wait for Texas. However, my hubby has an interview tomorrow for another position within the company :) {fingers crossed}
    Congrats on the house hunt and Good Luck!!
    Future home posts to follow :)


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