Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New Battle

Here I go...
I'm going to admit it....

There I said it.
But I said it to you.
So, now I really have to lose it... right?

I NEVER had a hard time dropping weight.
And now I am. {Cue violin}
This summer I started trying to lose weight and it isn't as easy as it once use to be.

Is it because I'm over 30?
Is it because I LOVE food too much?
I'm not sure.
However it is starting to really perturb me!

I'm determined to lose weight not only for my health but I'm heading back to TEXAS this winter {Insert Happy Dance}!
I have the HONOR of being the MOH at my Best Friend's wedding J
That helped kick me in the butt, along with watching the summer Olympics :D

My good friend & I both chatted last week about our battle with weight & we both decided to motivate each other.  Sure, we are many, many, many miles away but we plan on talking through our battles together. I love that gal!  {xoxo T love you, you're a Hot Mama!}

She along with my <3 husband have suggested that I should blog about my weight loss journey.
I had thought about it myself but I have to be honest with you--- I'm kind of scared.
This is big just me posting this...

I am considering journaling my journey here.
Yes, this means I’m considering posting some pictures of my hopeful progression—this is HUGE for me.  I’m somewhat private believe it or not. 
Until I get the ganas, here is my weight loss model.
My Model Before 

I know I can do this I’ve done it before. I just feel like I’ve been working on it for a bit now.. with no results L.  Nonetheless>> I’m motivated!  I want this bad!  I’m enjoying my runs with my lil’ man & furry lil' man in the morning & pushing myself in the mirror. 

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?


  1. I've struggled with my weight my whole life. It's always hard for me to get motivated, but once I make it my routine it gets easier. Best of luck to you on this journey. You can do it!

  2. Thank you Candice!! You are beautiful on the inside & on the outside :)
    I cannot imagine you having a struggle, you look GREAT!
    I'm *trying* to keep a routine.... trying.

  3. Personally I take each meal as a goal....what is my portion supposed to look like? am I really hungry, or should I drink 8 oz of water....portion control has contributed to 90% of my weightloss. I have dropped nearly 30 lbs, by counting colories, and controlling my portions. you can do this..its a cinch by the inch- Robbie Swalve.

  4. Thank you Adam xo! :)
    I'm good at drinking water-- I'm bad at snacking!
    Losing 30lbs is AMAZING, I'm Proud of you!!!
    Now, time for me to do the same.
    Love Ya!

  5. Ugh I always want to blog about this, but then feel the failure. But then again it'd prob be a big motivator. Go girl! Stopping by from Fab friends Friday at iB4m!

  6. Hey Alex
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope this motivates me more, and with all the encouraging words so far I think it will. Hey I'll be your cheerleader if you blog about it :)
    Best- AOK

  7. i think surrounding yourself with people who are motivated helps a ton- can be online or real life :) i have a running blog (and a crafting blog) where I have started to try to keep thoughts about fitness and mostly running related things- you should check it out. also, for me LIKING pages on facebook about fitness, collecting different exercises on pinterest helps me stay motivated AND helps me keep workouts fresh and fun :) good luck!!you can do it!

  8. Thanks Jodi!
    Ummm I'm totally checking out your blog! Consider it done! All of a sudden I LOVE to run... Again! Pinterest has been an inspiration for me too. Cannot wait to connect : )

  9. I have to admit that I haven't been too motivated to workout for a minute. I was suppose to workout three days this week and sadly yesterday I only did a few leg lifts because JJ kept waking up and then Moo decided to she didn't want to sleep in her bed.

    I seriously have to kick my butt into action because I'm at an stage where nothing fits right. Good luck to us both!

    1. Yes, Good Luck to us both! With the babies it gets harder to lose the weight and even stop to work on us, but for the babies we've got to work on us. I think.... I KNOW we can do it!


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