Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In My Closet

I thought I'd share my style with you today.  Sometimes I post Fashion Friday's for Tots to Teens,  I hardly ever create a look for myself that truly represents me.  Today I'm showing you what's in my closet... sort of.

In my closet

In my closet by mrsaok featuring nine west handbags

My closet is on a budget, so this outfit is me on a good day J
I honestly wore a similar outfit yesterday.  I had a baggy flawy Fever maroon top that I purchased for $11 marked down from $78 at The Rack. Yes I'll admit, sometimes I do rock Old Navy jeans.... eh hem like yesterday.  
I love my Nine West cross body bag I got mine at T.J Max so I paid like $20 for mine {this is not the exact one}.  
I'm a sucker for bangles!  I have tons of bangles, they are cheap cute and make me happy J
My boots are a splurge-- my babe got them for me because he knows I will not spend that kind of money on myself. I think: grocery money instead of mommy money :-?
Lately I've been rocking my hair in a sock bun... 
I don't know maybe I'm channeling my inner JLo or something.  Nah-- I'll quit playing>> we all know a tight pulled ponytail is an instant facelift & if you don't know, now you know. Dangly earrings look good with hair pulled up & although I don't have these particular earrings they are similar to something I would have. 
Of course my style would be slightly different if I had no budget and comfort wasn't always something I considered.  While shopping I'm always thinking, "are these shoes practical... should I chase a 4 year old in these heels?" {puts down shoes and makes a frowny face..sighs}  
I saw this combo and thought oh yes... 
My Pinterest Closet 

This outfit is a little out of my budget but I’m sure I could pull it together for less.  Those boots... oh my I LOVE ‘EM! Not sure if these boots are practical but they are budget friendly J  And those JEANS I would gladly take a pair but I cannot imagine paying  $375 for them that’s Whole Foods money. 
What do you splurge on?  Does comfort/grocery money factor into your style decisions?


  1. love the pinterest closet outfit too :) so cute and fall weather ready.
    I tend to splurge more on a comfy sweater that I can get a lot of wear out of, running shoes (but still under $50) truth be told, I really dont spend too much on clothes anymore- it goes to crafts and other things :)

  2. Thank you Jodi! Me too I'm a big comfy sweater gal. I live in Illinois so I'm growing quite a collection :) and I never spend too much on those. Shoes are different-- I LOVE shoes, but I don't have nearly as many shoes as my kids :(
    Thankfully or sadly {'cause she's growing-up too fast} my daughter (10) & I are almost at the point that we can share shoes :) She has cute shoes.
    This summer I got some clearance black/purple Nikes that I love under $70 I needed new running shoes.
    Thanks for stopping by xo-Adina


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