Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Seriously this was the weekend of glitter I’m not complaining at all.  I love the fact that it looks like a fairy threw up all over my floor no matter how many times I sweep J 
I truly do love glitter so I say>>> glitter away!

Besides glittering this weekend it was the weekend of giving.  My babies shopped for their Mitten Tree children, and made special bags for them.   They got to give a toy for Toys for Tots and donate old books to a charity.  I truly hope the kids get it life is about sharing, loving, and spreading happiness.  Yes, we can indulge ourselves, but I think it is always good to think of others.  I want the kiddos to think of others during the Holidays and everyday.

Okay let’s get back to the glitter shall we— 

I sent out bridal shower invites Friday and I found a mistake and went on a Twitter Rant about it.  Do you spot it?

Then I realized hey I missed some pretty important people and I had to make more invites— yes I fixed the mistake.  In spite of this my printer decides to suck and leaves a line across the top and bottom of them!!! So, GLITTER to the rescue yes I glittered those mugs.  

Saturday the kiddos made glittery gingerbread and Christmas bags.  We made a Lady GaGa gingerbread too. J Love those kiddos!

 And my project that I’m working on now

Yes GLITTER is involved!  The word SPARKLE will SPARKLE!  These tags will be on my best friend’s sparklers at her wedding! 
I’m getting excited! 

How was your weekend?  


  1. Glitter makes everything better! I'm helping my sister with her wedding. Pretty much everything is DIY.

  2. You're right--- I glittered today and it helped me. Are y'all going to have sparklers? If you'd like I can send you the sparkler tag file if you'd like.


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