Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Help...please. {A truckload of Love}

Through the blog world, I have been so very grateful to 'meet' wonderful, friendly, hilarious, and even inspiring people.  One person, I have had the extreme pleasure to connect with is Jhanis.  

Jhanis, is one of the best bloggers in all of blog-land! 
She has a way of telling a story, that hooks you in every time and she has stick-figure-drawings to boot!  
I have a card from Jhanis that I absolutely adore-- one because it's homemade, two it shows her personality, and lastly it's a sign that the person I've built a friendship with on the other end is real...

Because my friendship is real... and life is real... things happen....
Jhanis is from the Philippines, and as you may know the Philippines was hit with a devasting super typhoon.   My sweet friend Jhanis and her family are safe-thankfully. Being the sweet, loving, wonderful woman she is; Jhanis is trying to help aid those in need.  Jhanis along with a co-worker will be traveling to the grief stricken island of Bantayan, with a truckload of relief goods. 

However... Jhanis along with her colleague cannot do it alone-- they are accepting donations.  
If you can help that would be AWESOME! Please learn more about the Truckload of Love here

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