Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Mac is back & Last Week

Thursday afternoon I was in the middle of posting a blog, uploading pictures, and working on stuff for Tots to Teens when.... FADE TO BLACK!
My Mac died on me.
I was quite upset... I said some very non-Valentiney words-- not associated with love.
Then I declared myself the worst blogger in history.
After that I started freaking out about losing all my pictures.
Now, that thought alone is enough to FREAK OUT any mama... right? Pictures./Memories...Gone!
Thankfully I still have my computer & pictures. I took my Mac to the Apple store last night and just needed a new battery.  
However, I'm thinking in the near future my Mac & me are going to have to say our good-byes.
I lost my original post L
My post was not saved and well let me tell you it was the BEST POST EVER.
I cannot remember how it went, so this is probably not going to be as awesome.... forgive me.
Last Week
We celebrated my daughter's 11th Birthday!

11 years has gone by so incredibly fast-- time flies when you're having fun.
My husband & I are both crazy about this girl, she makes us both insanely proud for sooooo many reasons.  Most importantly it is her loving heart.... not sure where she gets that from eh hem.
We brought our Fat Tuesday Baby home from the hospital on Valentine's day... she's our little valentine...

For Valentine's I decided to make my take on Toni’s Valentines she shared on Tots to Teens Magazine for my 5th grader’s  class.  

I used: shipping paper to wrap boxes
           Yarn- to tie on spoons
            Printables I made {I wish I could share but I don’t know how to post ‘em}
****If you'd like the tags I have no problem sharing>> holla at yo girl****
             Glue stick- to glue the printable half way on box
and Boom CEREALsly awesome Valentines.

My 1st grader’s class opted out of candy this year.  Luckily, I found these cute free crazy straw Valentine printables from Plucky Momo’s blog—that I just heart
These are super easy... cute.. fun... and kiddos just love straws!

I spent Valentine’s morning with my littlest valentine doing Valentine themed schoolwork.

My family and I had a lovely valentines.
And this hottie& I had a nice Valentine as well.

How was your Valentine’s Day?  How was your weekend?  

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