Friday, September 20, 2013

#AskAwayFriday Questions via The Frill of Life

I'm absolutely loving Fridays!! I get to connect with a new blogger each week, get super nosey-- and they let me!!
This week I got nosey I mean I interviewed Heather @The Frill of Life.
The Frill of Life

In return Heather asked me some questions, you can read my answers below but don't forget to read hers and check out her blog, she's a sweetheart

1. Tell us about your scariest Mom moment. 
Oh dear, I have plenty of scary Mommy moments.  My first birth/delivery was scary but I'll leave that one for another day.
Let's talk last summer, not this summer, the summer that two of my three children decided to give me extreme stress, anxiousness, and Mommy PTSD. The summer that has ruined me every time I hear a thud, a cry, or see a fall... that summer shall we...
I'm doing laundry and the kids are arguing new puppy is running under their feet one kiddo pushes the other and dog trips kiddo. My panic begins! THUD!!
My son's head hit a desk drawer that wasn't completely shut, and all I see is blood.  His entire face is filled with blood! I scream, "is that his eye!" He wears glasses so of course I fear it's his eye, and thankful it's not.  
He has a whole on the bridge of  his nose. Blood is steadily streaming from his face. I grab the paper towels hold it to his face and get them {all three kiddos} in the car. 
I wait in ER for what feels like forever, and my little man gets stitches in his face.  
He was completely chill, me, NOT so much, I was asked to step out of the room.  
I listened to him chat-it-up with the beautiful doctor and nurse while he was getting stitched-up  and knew he was going to be okay. 
Just 3-4 short days later, my eldest daughter was getting down from her bunkbed and fell. I heard the thud and this time my youngest daugther is the one doing all the screaming and panic {don't get me wrong all three of us ladies were freaking out when little man was bleeding} I check on my daughter and she seems okay.  She says she thinks she twisted her ankle, and admits she was going down the bunk-bed stairs the wrong way.  
I get her all rested down stairs in the recliner and her leg is growing bigger.  I get them all packed-up and head back to the ER.  My daughter is put in a boot.  I was thankful that she wasn't severly hurt, she could've hit the dresser, thankfully she didn't. 

2. What made you want to start blogging?
I started this blog for my Etsy shop, but now it's for me.  I want to blog for me.  
It makes me feel good to have my own outlet to share, vent, and hopefully inspire.  I enjoy the connections/friendships I receive via my blog. 

3. What is your favorite holiday and why? 

This is a tough one because I adore all things Fall, which includes Halloween! I do enjoy Halloween it's been fun getting the kids Halloween-ready and trick-or-treating. 
When I was 16, I decided to forgo a Birthday party for a Halloween party! 

Yes, I love Halloween, but Christmas is right there too! 
I love the season, the giving and joy.  I love making cookies with my babies and seeing their faces when they give them away or their faces when they go mitten tree shopping.  I love our little downtown area that is so jolly, like storybook jolly... and it's real life.
The warm feelings that come over me when I think of the Christmas season... are starting to outweigh my obsession for Halloween... 

4. What's under your bed? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know that's a boring answer.

5. What is the one blogging tool you couldn't live without?

6. I know your home will always be Texas, so what do you miss the most about it? My family and friends.

7. Is there anything you love about life in Chi-town that you couldn't have in Texas?  I can get fall in Texas, but I cannot get Chicagoland fall in Texas.  I love fall here!

8. Describe your ideal birthday celebration:Did someone tell you :) It's creeping up on me.  My ideal celebration.. hmmm...
good question...
Well every year Mr. AOK and our babies make the day special.  Last year the weekend was all about me :) 
So, I guess to answer your question, as long as I have these guys and I'm the center of attention-- it's a great celebration.

9. Who does the cooking in your house? 
I do most of the cookin' but Mr. AOK likes to get his hands just as dirty.  By the way he makes delicious bread, we don't buy bread for the kiddos anymore!

10. Speaking of meals, what is an A-OK family favorite? 
We like our sushi but Mama doesn't cook sushi.
And when we're cheating, eating dairy and carbs the family goes bananas over my enchiladas {my dad's recipe}.
Thanks for the great questions Heather! Also, thank you for reading along. Please don't forget to check out all the other fabulous linkers.

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