Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sorry, Not Sorry Social {8}

Welcome to our 8TH Sorry, Not Sorry Social!! 
We are extremely thankful you are here, and over-the-top excited that you choose to come back week after week, to linkup with us!! 
Thank you!
Our goal is to build new friendships and create a fun-loving bloggy community.  
We hope you will get social and what not.
Also, in order for this social to keep growing... we are asking you to spread the word.

...Sorry Not Sorry....
Last week, we were happy to have two awesome co-hosts
Shannon from Mishmash Mama and Megan from 
The Patchwork Paisley, this week we are beyond excited to have 
Kimberly from Rubber Chicken Madness 

Here is what you should know...Kimberly is a Type-A girl learning that Type A- is just fine (and probably a whole lot more fun). She is a single mother of two teenage sons. By day, she shares her love of books with children as an elementary school librarian. By night, she’s a Food Network junkie and resistant exerciser. Kimberly started her blog, Rubber Chicken Madness, with the intent to share her expertise in raising boys as a single mother. Her realization that she was no expert, just a mom trying to be enough, allowed the blog to evolve to be a reflection of parenting while enjoying the ride. 
Come follow Kimberly 

Now it's time to PARTY!!!

Please follow all three of your hostesses and at least 3-5 new friends-- it's a social, let's get mingling :)
If you'd like to grab our button that would be cool too! This week we're linking-up your Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+



Thanks for linking with us! 

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