Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Simple #Paleo Snack for the Super Bowl

Today I'm sharing a simple, yummy, appitzer perfect for the big game! If you're looking to cut the carbs or you're embracing the paleo lifestyle, this recipe is perfect.  My whole family loved these yummy kabobs, my little guy calls them chicken-yummy-on-a-stick ;) 

What you will need:
Grill pan, skillet
Mini bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes 

What to do
Cut chicken into mini cubes and cook in lightly oiled grill pan.  
I lightly seasoned the chicken with Goya Adobo seasoning & Pepper.
Once the chicken is cooked thoroughly set chicken aside to slightly cool.
Cut your mini bell peppers & avocados into mini chunks about the same size as the chicken.
Once everything is cut start skewering the meat and veggies don't forget the cherry tomatoes.

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