Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching up..

This past week/beginning of the week was BUSY! 

I had a busy homework week (finals week).... and other misc. stuff to do.  So, let me  try to catch you up.

Add a boa =DIVA
My best friend since elementary school was a participant at  Diva Dash
I wish I could have been there with her--I wish I had the passion for running like she does : ) But since I don't and plus I couldn't be there I wanted to make a little something over-the-top Diva-ish for her dash.  My understanding is you're suppose to have some flare.... However, my flare came to late in the mail! o_O
Arthur drawn by Marc Brown
     As always I am all about my kiddos so I did plenty with them--which kinda means less time for me (to do homework).  I have some great pics of our visit with author of Arthur-->Marc Brown (big little girl squeal) I will be posting soon.  This week I will be making tons of goodies for my eldest daughter's school, her student council is having a bake sale.  Goodies will be posted here--so please do check back.  
     I have plenty to add to the blog and I wanna get ya all caught up.  I don't have a class starting right away : ) so I will be busy here and here
posting new posts and plenty of pics.                                                     
125x125 T2T Mag BannerPlease stay tuned--

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