Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Was *That* Girl at Prom

I was the girl that had a curfew, the one who was afraid of her shadow, the one who didn't take chances .  

My junior year of high school, for some reason my imagination for style was absent.  I wore a simple plain black dress.  I mean the back of the dress, was amazeballs but who really sees the back?  

Don't get it twisted, if this big Mama could fit in that black dress again, I'd stuff myself in there like a hot tamale.
Oh… {sighs} to be a size nothing.

The fact that I even went to junior prom was big, my parents were quite strict. However, throughout high school they did let me go to a few proms and military balls.  {My mom still has most of my dresses}

For the most part, my style was on par but looking at my junior year prom picture... what was I doing with all that GOLD? My husband laughs and calls it my Mr. T starter set…. he's right… 
I pity the fool!

If I could turn back time {OK from Mr. T to Cher, what am I an 80's kid?} 
I'd go for a more classic look.  I'm thinking Hollywood glam! I wonder if my eldest daughter (12) will let me live vicariously through her?  She already said for her prom she's either going out to movies & dinner with her sister or wearing Chucks to prom.  I think both options are cute.

I mean who am I to say no to Chucks at prom?
I'm the girl who went with the whole Titanic theme my senior year…. 
Yes, I wore a necklace just like that… okay, okay, in Titanic there wasn't anyone with black-blue hair. 

I would consider wearing one of these dresses from I love their selection.  I like the classic elegant look.  
elegance, Audrey Hepburn,
Of course back in the day, I'm not sure if I could wear a sweetheart neckline with my dress not falling off ;) Let's just say these kiddos of mine helped me out in that department.

Just a quick fyi has sponsored this post, but the picks above are my own.  

JenJenHouse, has a HUGE selection of dresses and colors sure to meet your needs.  Not sure? Go check them out, they have plenty of new arrivals.

Love always…. this girl

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