Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back....

Yesterday the Apple Store gave me a Mother's day gift they finally finished fixed my Mac and they did it for free.  So I am back and I am ready to blog...
First off I want to say I hope that everyone had a wonderful mother's day, whether you are a Mommy or not.  I hope you spent your day with your family.  Yesterday I thought of my mama in Texas (of course) and all that she has done for me... and my siblings.  I have thought of the lessons learned through my mom-- good and bad.  I thought of how I miss her and how I wish I could hug her 
I thought of those (who like me) are unable to do so-- but whom are not limited by distance rather by the hands of time.  
Yesterday while speaking to my mom she brought up my grandmother and how much she loved her. And although I am sad and wish I could hold my mom... I am still able to let her know I love her.  I know mother's day can be a hard time for some... and I hope you made the most of your day remembering and honoring you mommas or angel babies....
I may not have been with my mama but my little family made my day so special.  I have some great pictures to post, but I will do so later.  
This post I wanted to be all about y'all Happy Belated Mother's Day.  Thank you for being all that you are--you are appreciated.  

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