Friday, March 14, 2014

Ask Away Friday Questions by @Scruggbug

It's Friday!!! This week, I'm swapping questions with Herchel of Scruggbug Corner for another installment of Ask Away Friday.  Herchel, is such a sweet lady with a FABULOUS blog and two precious babies.    She truly is a dear, when I needed Disney advice she was one of the first people to put her hand up in the air!  Okay, she was one of the first to tweet me a link.  I love catching up with Herchel on Twitter :) I'm quite sure that's where we connected…. my memory is slipping me…

Herchel: You’ve gone Paleo!  I love your motivating tweets.  I know that cookies are your weakness (Krispy Kreme and baked goods are mine.)  What helps me stay on track is having readily available “fake treats”  like low carb, low sugar, cheesecake or almond butter cookies with no flour or sugar.  Do you have a favorite Paleo fake treat?
Me: Yes, banana nice cream :)
Frozen bananas, crushed ice, almond butter, almond milk, and pieces of dark chocolate blended together, it's so YUMMY!

Herchel: To be honest, I haven’t, been sticking to my eating plan or my workouts the last two weeks.  When I don’t have time to prepare meals ahead or when I am super stressed out this always happens.  I like to keep in shape so I never have to take the tram and can walk the full length of the Magic Kingdom parking lot pushing our stroller… even at the end of the day.  I also want to tighten up before swimsuit season.  
Are you incorporating a workout with the Paleo?  If so, do you have a favorite workout routine?
MeYes, right now, I'm loving my medicine ball. I've actually turned to Pinterest for workout routines and this one is one of my favorites

Herchel:  I’m kind of a Hunger Games junkie.  If you were a tribute in the first book, which one would it be and why?
Me: Oh dear... I'm not a Hunger Games junkie, my daughter is.  I haven't seen the movies or read the books, just my husband and daughter have.
However, I do like Effie's style :) My daughter is always doodling Effie-style fashions in her sketchbook. 

Herchel: My sister has been trying to convince me to move to Charleston for over a year.  What would you say is the best thing about your new area?
Me: THE BEACH! We're grateful that we live so close to the beach, we cannot wait to spend many lazy days basking in the sunshine, listening to the waves, and collecting seashells.

Herchel: What is the worst? 
Me: Okay, to be fair to the Low Country, I've only been here for a few months.  I'm still becoming familiar with things here. 
Unfortunately, I'm always comparing here to there.  One thing that is irking me lately…. the new law that was passed here allowing people to carry guns in bars.  It just doesn't settle well with me.  I think
Herchel:  What outfit do you put on when you have to go out in a hurry?  {Pictures!}
Me: I'm a jeans and t-shirt-kind-of-gal.  I know my Pinterest closet looks waaaaay better right? 
If I'm in a hurry, it's always jeans and shirt. 

This picture was literally me running out of the house, my 8 year-old took this picture right before we ran some quick errands.
Sometimes… I can get gussied up.

Date lunch with my honey.  
I love this dress I found at Kohl's it has pockets!
I belted it to dress it down :)
Yes, I know I'm an addict…. 

Herchel:  I find myself singing “I feel better so much better.  Thank you Doc for taking all my ouchies away…”  Is there a kid’s song that you get stuck on?

MeFor awhile it was "Everything is AWESOME"- LEGO Movie
However, I'm always singing....

Herchel: Favorite coffee? 
Me: Starbucks. I pick it up and brew it up. I love Starbucks coffee! Cinnamon dulce latte, carmel macchiato hot or iced, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Medium House blend, and Thanksgiving blend are some of my favs :)

Okay, maybe it's an addiction...

Herchel: Rocky Road or mint chocolate chip? 
Me: Geee... that's tough I haven't had either in forever. I've been pretty much lactose-free for almost 8 years with some cheating here and there.  I think I'm going to say Rocky Road!

Herchel: What is the weirdest/grossest (to other people that is!) food that you love to eat?
Me: I don't know if it's weird or gross, but people always, question this.... PICKLES & POPCORN!  I think this is a Texas thing.

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