Sunday, June 2, 2013

All For The Kids

Everyday of my life is for my babies, they fill me up and give me joy.  I wake-up happy knowing I'm a Mommy to those goons.  The laughter and smile lines they have brought to me-- are enough to fill 30 lifetimes.  I may blow my breath or lose my patients at times... but nothing is more precious to me than being Mama....

This week was all for the kids, our crazy schedule has begun.  We had 3 games this week and 2 on the same day at the same time!  My littles have have started their first year of softball/t-ball; they both did awesome!  
Sadly, although some say Mamas have superpowers (and yes I think we do), we haven't figured out the-being-at-two-places-at-one-time-shtick so... I missed my son's game :(  

Thankfully my husband took plenty of pictures for this photo-obsessed-mama.  

I did one-up my husband, who also cannot-be-at-two-places at-one-time, and recorded my daughter's first ever at bat. No, I'm not keeping score or saying I'm better.... eh hem let's move on..
Yesterday the catcher took her field, and did great!  This was the first game of the season, so it was a tough one.
Thursday, I helped out at my girls' school and had a blast.  Every year I help with Field Day and have the best time.  The kids are all so happy on Field Day, and even the teacher(s) who are usually known for being sticks-in-the-mud let loose. My assistant {my 4yo} came along to help, which is just a bonus for him because at this point, all the teachers at the school love him and want to spoil him.  This love for my lil' man ends up giving him extra bouncy house time, Popsicles, and just about anything he wants.  I keep reminding him next year, {big gulp... fighting back tears} it will be different, he'll be a student too. 
I did do two things for myself this week. One is kinda crazy... and I'll share it with you this week.  
How was your week?  

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