Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And the games begin.

This summer is going to be bananas {please say you read that like Rachel Zoe}.  All three of my babies  are playing sports this summer.  My girls are both in softball and my boy will play t-ball.  We have seriously submerged ourselves this summer with practices and games!  It should be exciting but I imagine overwhelming as well.  This is the first time we will have all three of them in a sport at the same time.  My two youngest play on the same days at the same time every week : ( so this will be hard.
I'm not one of those mamas that over schedules their kids... but I have now become one of those Mamas who has over scheduled her summer.  I know we will figure out a plan. I just hate that we have to separate and rotate for the littles' games. I digress...

My eldest has entered her third year of softball {5th/6th grade}, she loves it.
My youngest daughter just started her first year of {1st/2nd grade}softball and could not be happier!  Yesterday was my big girl's 1st practice, which my husband coaches.  My youngest daughter was out on the field playing with the big girls, and doing good, then she got hit in the face with a softball :(

Softballs are not soft-- I'm not sure why these balls are even called soft.?.
My poor baby was crying, I ran to her, and her nose swelled.  She was fine after a couple of minutes and wanted to get back on the field.  Here I was thinking she may be fearful and give up on softball all together.  NOT AT ALL.  She wanted back out on the field in the worst way.  I kept her off the field to ice her nose.  Tomorrow she will have her nose checked out by our Doc because her nose is still slightly swollen, she swears she's fine.
Today she went to her practice, and no fears.. phew.
Baby girl's nose is not broken! Rejoice. 
Now-> Play Ball!

My little man hasn't started t-ball just yet so he is impatiently waiting....

Have you ever had to juggle multiple kids' activities at one time?

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