Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paleo Update.

Well... crap!  Remember that post I'm not perfect and flaws and stuff? Well.. you guessed it I went off the wagon.  I had carbs.  Big carbs, little carbs, yummy carbs, and even crappy carbs.  When I posted about my transitioning to paleo I stated I probably would not become 100%
I was 100%  paleo for over a month and then switched to 80/20 paleo.
The first weeks were hard! I think I was having withdraws-- honest to goodness!
Paleo is tough, and I've maintained a few paleo days a week-- as well as a couple vegetarian days. Most importantly I'm cutting my gluten and GMOs. I've been embracing the natural, organic, sustainable lifestyle for sometime now. Therefore, it is only natural that I am choosing to seek Non-GMO foods.  Although it is my food quest to seek these types of foods-- it certainly is not easy.

I saw this and it disturbed me....
I hope my gardens will be sufficient enough for my family.  We are doing things organically.  Wish us luck--> 3 kids. 3 garden beds.

Will I still have a DP {Dr.Pepper} every now and then SURE.  Will I kick my licorice obsession.. I don't know o_O?  Will I enjoy real pasta every now and then>> yes.  I just have to remain mindful of my decisions.  I'm a foodie.  Like for real.  And I LOVE food, which means if I want to try something I will.  At any rate, I do want my children to eat more healthily and remain healthy-- I see this as an insurance policy.

What are your thoughts on genetically modified foods?

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