Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mama's Day Fashion

 I spent Mother's Day with my loves.
It was actually quite chilly. 
Notice how we are layered up.
That is my favorite scarf from World Market.
My second favorite pair of boots my hubs got me.
The dress and jean jacket were Christmas gifts from my mama ;)

 I just love this picture of my babies, and had to share.
These kids got style 24/7

I'm obsessed with scarves.
Do you have a favorite scarf?

Lena B, Actually


  1. yes! i too have a love for scarves, so much so that i think i just might have a problem! thanks so much for stopping by today. love a girl who can rock some layers and you mama, pulled it off! ps>>want that scarf! enjoy your weekend;)


    1. Thank you Chandra xo!
      I don't think a gal can ever have too many scarves, and you ma'am you know how to work a scarf.

  2. Ahhh... gorgeous! Beautiful family... I adore your style!
    Thanks so much for linking up this week! ♥

  3. What a beautiful family you have! I always think the best Mother's Day gift is the one where I sleep. LOL Of course, it doesn't hurt that the kids are now old enough to cook (and the boy made dinner).

    Those boots are fabulous! I can totally see why they're faves.

  4. Thank you-- I'm quite fond of them too {the kids}, oh okay and the boots :)
    I don't know what sleeping is anymore... sounds nice.

    It looks like you have a sweet gentleman on your hands oh how I <3 chivalry.
    Thanks for stopping over.

    1. LOL I talk about my kids the same way. I used to tell them I hadn't slept in 18 years but now that the oldest one can legally take care of the others, I'm taking a nice long nap. Trust me, it'll get easier but then you'll miss your babies, which will make it harder. As far as I can tell the only win is grandchildren. LOL

    2. Daenel,
      Stop playing you do NOT have an 18 year-old!
      You're right I'm in NO rush to have these babies grow up on me. I'm already starting to feel that whole time-flying-thing people warned me about 11 years ago.
      Thanks again for visiting me.


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