Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Clubbing with my Daughter

For the last couple of years my daughter {11yo} and I, have had our own personal book club. We both read the same book and discuss what we think about it.  I have to admit at times I get behind in reading the books we've chosen.... 
Now, that I'm done with school I plan to read more books; and have more Daughter/Mommy book dates.  Summer is coming-- there will be tons of reading going on over here at mi casa.  I bought the kids book logs-- so yeah I'm getting these kids summer-home school-ready.

I still have to finish Wonder, which my daughter absolutely adores and has read twice. She also helped start the  Wonder pledge at her school, and made the local paper :)

We're currently reading Pie by Sarah Weeks. Just in case anyone wanted to start reading along.  We choose Pie because it is on the Bluestem List and who doesn't love pie?

My wish is that the two of us will keep this going, and now that my 7yo daughter has become quite the reader have her join the club too.

Do you and your daughter have your own book club?  What book have you read & loved lately?

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