Saturday, December 14, 2013

Share Kindness Today…

Whew… this is still tough for me.  Last year, my heart was broken by a crazed man who took the lives of 26 innocent children and teachers. The pain I felt was excruciating, I was so hurt... I cannot fathom the pain the parents felt or are still feeling today.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary shook me… as I'm sure it shook many of you.  
I was angry.
I was anxious... 
I was worried…
Some of that still lives in me.

On Christmas morning last year, I cried out of no where because during my happy morning I was terribly sad for the families of Newtown. Those moments haven't stopped, while back in IL dropping my kids off at school or going to their school musicals… I thought of those 20 babies taken too soon.

My heart hasn't forgot; today along with many others I will honor them… I encourage you to do the same. The families of Newton have asked on this day 12/14 we honor their family members' memory by choosing to be kind.  Share a random act of kindness today for Sandy Hook.

Love Hard. 

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