Thursday, December 12, 2013

#AskAwayFriday Questions by @MrsTeeh

It's #AskAwayFriday time!! 
This week I'm swapping Q&A's with my sweet friend MrsTee from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.  MrsTee is such a sweet woman and absolutely wonderful mama♡.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to call MrsTee {Tiffany} my friend.  We have not met IRL yet but we have met via G+ hangout.  I'm still waiting on the East Coast MeetUp :)

The two of us have been members of the #AskAwayFriday crew for quite a while so, it's B-A-N-A-N-A-S that we are just now swapping!

I've noticed that you and I have a similar sense of humor.  I know at times everyone doesn't get my inside and at times quirky kind of jokes...LOL  Do you have the same problem?  
Yes! Eh it happens, it's all good… we get it!

With your recent move what has been your favorite part of your journey from Chicagoland to South Carolina? Why?  Hmmm… I'd say family time.  We are already a quite close family, but this trip here has brought us closer together.  We're tackling South Carolina together… and enjoying the beach!

As the founding member and GodMother of #PSLGangstas as well as the #RedCupGangstas I know you are a faithful Starbucks many times a week do you visit your favorite Coffee establishment?

Well… {insert disappointment, sadness, and despair} where I'm currently staying (corporate housing.. in rural America.. too far from the beach) there is only wait for it…. ONE Starbucks!!! Since I don't know my way around here, I don't have my SBUX-fix much.  We're looking for a home in another more suburban area {closer to the beach}…. there are more Starbucks there and every time we go... I hit up the SBUX drive-thru! MMMM COFFEE!!

What is your All Time favorite coffee concoction?
Oh dear I LOVE a good Cinnamon Dulce Latte from Starbucks or an Iced Caramel Macchiato.  My hubby makes me a wonderful almond milk iced Caramel Macchiato too!

I actually never drank or liked coffee until I started college.  Do you remember what age you had your first sip of the heavenly caffeinated brew?
Ha ha… yes, I use to steal sips of my Daddy's coffee when I was younger :) I didn't become a serious coffee drinker till much later… after my 1st baby.

Selfish Moment:  If you could have anything FOR YOURSELF for Christmas this year what would it be?  
For myself… I don't know how to do things for myself… hmmm… I would like a new wallet or purse.  My wallet is busted, and my husband keeps asking me to buy a new one.  So, I think I'd buy a new wallet and perhaps a purse to match :)

You recently did a MAJOR chop to your tresses...Do you think you will ever go back to lengthy or are you happy with your new bangs and length? 
I do enjoy the short hair. however every two years I donate my hair, so yes it will be long again.

I know you wear glasses.  Do you prefer wearing your glasses or wearing contacts?
I wear my glasses for reading and computer time.  I would be too afraid to pop a contact in and out of my eyeball… no thanks.

What is your favorite 'go to' accessory (ex: watches, purses, shoes, jewelry, etc.)?
Jewelry.  Not fancy shmancy jewelry, you know the fun cheap stuff that dresses up a look.

Since I know you're a part of the Coffee Crew I'm going to change up my final question:  How do you spend your Christmas Eve night?

Our Christmases are pretty chill. We usually make cookies for Santa play games and watch Christmas movies. The kiddos open one present before bed.  
Check out MrsTee's answers here and follow here on Twitter too-- she's a sweet lady you want to meet :)

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