Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday{ish} Walk to school

...Today is incredibly beautiful...
This extra day we've been given this year, is crazy sunny and warm for
We took advantage of the abnormal weather and walked to school this a.m.
Okay..okay.. we HAD to walk to school
a while ago someone lost their keys.
{my guess my then two year old trashed them}
So, when my husband took my set of keys to work with him today 
I kinda had to get the kids ready in time to walk them to school.
However, I'm glad he took the keys to my SUV
we had fun on our little walk & it was the perfect opportunity for mama to take plenty of pix.
I didn't even have to ask them to pretend in this picture
 they just held hands all together on their own.
I'm hoping they can stay this close forever.
Hope your Leap Day has been good to you.

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