Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Love Affair---> Tots To Teens Magazine and Twitter?

"My love affair this Friday is Tots to Teens Magazine and Twitter?"  Yes.  Why?  
I am a self proclaimed Twitterholic-- my husband signed me up for Twitter when I opened up my Etsy shop.  I thought I would never in a billion years enjoy Twitter... isn't it for egomaniacs?  Not at all.  There are all sorts of wonderful out there... people helping people, encouraging tweets, helpful parenting stuff, and of course celebrity gossip.   
I thought I'd just tweet about my hairbands and maybe sales....
I did just that, at first-- and then I liked it.  I liked responding to random people and engaging in communication with other like-minded people.  
The more I tweeted the more I gained newfound friends.  
I came to have a friend in @BabySwags aka Phyllis I dubbed us the #RHoCHI (Real Housewives of Chicago(suburban edition)) it all started over tweeting about the RHOBH.
Never did I think one day from Tweeting I would have a new connection that would lead me to being a....
uh.... BLOGGER?
I have been posting to my blog quite regularly here,  and now I am happy to announce... I will also be a part of the Tots to Teens Magazine Team...

468x60 T2T Mag

You can read my random posts there about being a parent, living the fab life {somewhat sarcasm
Basically, I will get to write what I can't in 140 characters on Twitter, and it will make more sense there.
So, I might get foodie once in a while there too.
Oh--and I will also be doing product reviews.  Please put the word out there for me or if you have any suggestions let me know.
Check out Tots to Teens-- not only for me, but for the great articles.
But if you wanna check me out you can find me here.


  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting :). And my journety to loving Twitter happened quite similarly to yours :)

  2. Thank you... I am quite excited-- new journey <3 ; )
    Funny how Twitter does that huh?


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