Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's Go To the Beach, Beach {Weekend in Pictures}

This is truly the life. 
There are times I'm homesick; I'm not exactly sure where home is anymore (I mean geographically).
Home to me is wherever these three and my babies' daddy is :)  
When I'm with them life is good and everything makes sense.  
South Carolina makes sense.
We are loving OUR favorite part of South Carolina.  
We made a whole weekend of the beach…..
 The kiddos enjoyed building sandcastles and the small waves crashing against them sending them into a giggle fit.
 I love their laughter.

I love Popcorn & Pickles, the duo are even tastier on the beach :)

 The waves began to pickup, my husband and our 12 year old didn't want to miss out on them.  
I thought it was best if the littles sat those waves out…. 

 After such a lovely day at the beach we decided to keep the fun going and went to a local seafood restaurant.  
Let's just say this was our first and last visit.  
Sorry for the poor picture quality it was dark in there. 
Sunday Funday
This Sunday was Blessing of the Fleet, I wanted to go but I was out voted, which was okay with me because… beach.
Notice the littles are now wearing lifejackets. Paranoia much…

More sandcastles….
 Sunday, we ate dinner on the beach.  Dinner was much better on the beach than the-restaurant-that-shall-remain-nameless.  

My heart was truly filled with sunshine all weekend.

How was your weekend?

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