Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Road Trip to Disney {Must Haves on the Road}

I've been on plenty of road trips and if you don't remember, I moved my family down from the 'burbs of Chicagoland to South Carolina via a Road Trip.
We stopped in Louisville Kentucky, I totally still need to blog about that.

This is how we roll.  
Disney Road Trip, Must Haves,
I pack a small cooler with ice and items that need to be kept cold:
Sliced meats
Ranch Dressing snack packs
Guacamole snack packs
I usually get a veggie platter from Whole Foods and deconstruct it, placing veggies in baggies. 

To ensure the kiddos don't make a huge mess I pack containers for them to use with separate compartments.

In a big beach bag I put all the dry goodies: 
Peanut Butter or Almond Butter packets {Justin's}
Dried Fruit
Trail mix
I will either buy an array or make an array of trail mix.  
Whole Foods, has an amazingly yummy coffee bean trail mix, seriously, you have to try it.
Also, in the big beach bag:
paper towel
hand sanitizer
Boogie Wipes
Band-Aids {because you never know if there will be a coloring book paper cut}
To keep the kiddos busy, we're bringing along:
Disney Coloring books, yes, Star Wars is now Disney!
The girls have doodle books; I think these will come in handy.  
We are also packing a few of our Disney movies to get them ready. 

Luckily, we have iPads therefore we can also load our Disney movies to the iPads versus needing to pack too many DVDS.  
The kids also have games to play on the iPads.  
HEADPHONES, these are important because I have three kiddos, they don't want to always watch or hear what the other is playing. 
We also like to play road trip games such as Road Trip Bingo. 
I found this link  to Disney quizzes, which I plan to use on our trip.
And of course to get through the drive Mama & Papa need plenty of Starbucks-- don't forget to load your card.

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