Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 Free Random Acts of Kindness #RAKweek

This week is Random Acts of Kindness week, which means... go out there and be nice!  You don't have to spend money to share love and positivity.  

Here's a list of of things you can do this week, to spread kindness for free.

1. Open a door for a stranger. 

2. Smile.  
A smile can make a person's day plus it's contagious!

3. Give a random stranger a complement, of course, mean what you say. Isn't is nice to hear: I love your hair or that's a nice shirt?

4. Compliment a child's behavior.  
If you see a well behaved child, let their parents know-- it takes a village.  
If you give that compliment I'm sure not only will the child appreciate it, his or her parent will too.

5. Share your coupons.  
Many times we clip more than we need, why not share.  Leave coupons next to items you don't need or want.

6. This one I like to call the REDBOX SHARE ;) 
Do you have a free Redbox code?  Share that code with the person behind you. If nobody is behind you sticky notes work too.
These are some codes I've used in the past… I'm not 100% sure if they work or not, but it's worth a try:


7. Let a person cut in front of you.  
If you are in the grocery line with 10,000 pounds of groceries in your cart, and the person behind you only has 5 things, let them cut ahead. {Truly this is just the right thing to do. IMO}

8. Share a bag.  

If you're anything like me… you may have a tinsy little problem with collecting reusable bags.. eh hem.  Well, if you have that addiction same affinity for reusable bags as I; why not share one with a stranger who's fumbling around with arms full of groceries trying to Rachel Ray it?

9. Donate.

Donate your old clothing, blankets, or furniture to shelter or non-profit in your area.

10. Say HELLO.

Super easy.  Go out there and say Hello to random strangers.  

BONUS: RandomActsofKindness.org is sharing downloadable bookmarks and cards for you to share.

Also, my super sweet friend with a humongous heart is also sharing a great list of RAK.

p.s. The Sorry, Not Sorry Social will be celebrating #RAKweek too.  Get ready for a blog share :)

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