Monday, December 23, 2013

Super Duper Easy Last Minute #DIY Gifts

Did you find out a few other family members are showing up for the holidays?
Don't have a gift for them?
I think I have you covered.
My kiddos had such a fun time making ornaments for their grandparents.  So, what I'm trying to tell you is… get the kiddos in on the DIY!
For the ornaments you will need:
The unwrapping of the crayons is a wonderful task for little hands ;)
Break the crayons in little pieces.  My bulbs were 40mm therefore my pieces had to be quite small.  If you're using regular sized bulbs I'd suggest bigger pieces perhaps 1/4 of a crayon.
 Put your gloves on and heat the crayons with your blow dryer swirling the bulb on its side.
Let the ornament dry.. add a ribbon for a more fancy look :)
How often do the white crayons get used? We had quite a few white crayons, so we melted the white crayons down (the same way as we did above) and made snowmen ornaments. The kiddos used Sharpies and Painters markers to decorate.

Since we were sending some of these ornaments to family, we filled the ornaments with sea shells from the beach… now they have a little bit of our new home :)
Personalized Coffee Mug
I was part of a handmade gift exchange last month… because of my move it was terrible timing.  I literally made my the semi-handmade gift the day I left IL.

I needed to make something fast and easy because everything was being boxed up.
I bought a pretty aqua mug from World Market, a cloth napkin to match and some goodies to fill the mug up with.

I had seen so many Sharpie mugs on Pinterest and thought that looked perfect… 
There were mixed reviews on the Sharpie mug, some people said it wiped right off.
I read that Painters Markers worked better 
I hope they were right…
I used the Painters paint markers and got designing.
*First clean your mug off with rubbing alcohol.
I let the mug air dry for about an hour but I think a day would be best… again I left that day.
Once I let the mug settle long enough I heated the mug up in the oven 
The mug most heat up with the oven.
375* for 30 minutes
Let the mug cool down with the oven.

Happy Handmade Holidays!

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