Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honored, Humbled, Thankful...

Over the last couple months, I have revamped the way I do things around here, hell, I'm around here.  Once upon a time this blog would go months without a word, I was busy with school, life, and other obligations.  
I didn't start this blog to become a "blogger" I started this blog because I had a little Etsy shop, I sold cute girly things.  My husband told me it would be smart for me to have a blog to update what was new in my Etsy shop as well as share some crafts.

What I didn't see is the community.  
Once I started to blog and liked it, I started to forget to write about my Etsy shop; I wanted to explore more, the blog became random, and I didn't want to lose focus on my shop.  I did.  I lost focus on my shop, and closed it, I lost focus on my blog, and ignored it.

When you're writing 3 page papers day after day about the impact of a company's ecological footprint on our environment for school, while maintaining the "super-mom-complex" {PLEASE say you read that with air quotes} things have to give.  Sadly, it was my blog.  I still blogged per se, but not here, over at Tots to Teens.

Then something clicked, I missed my blog, I missed connecting with people, okay not having to write school papers every night did play a role too, but I missed my spot.  I come here to sulk, vent, elaborate, and celebrate.  This is my home on the www.... and I've made some true friends in the blogosphere.  I would be a liar if I didn't say I love blogging! I do love blogging!

I know I'm random, I know I don't have a 'niche' but I do know I enjoy connecting, and sharing.  
So imagine my face when Elena from Cropped Stories emailed me and said "I've nominated you..."
Say what?  Me, I've been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award? Honored, Humbled, and above all thankful! Elena is a sweetheart, I don't know what made her think of me.  Nonetheless, I'm extremely thankful she did <3 

Side Note: If you haven't visited Cropped Stories before I suggest you do, Elena shares great tips, BEAUTIFUL pictures, and freebies. And her daughter oh my goodness she's a doll!!!

Okay, well the award isn't all get-an-award-stick-it-up-on-your-blog-and-move-along, it's hey-you've-got-this-award -share-something-about-yourself-and-> pass it on! If you're nominated you must share 7 things about yourself, and nominate 15 inspiring bloggers. This sounds fair, so I'm down!


  1. I love to laugh! Who doesn't, right?  I love to make people laugh and I ADORE people who make me laugh, thankfully I have 4 people who do that everyday {and a fur baby}.
  2. I'm short. Short in the "aw she's so cute short" and "you'll never be a runway model short".  One of those things has been said to me at an audition.
  3. I'm emotional, extremely emotional, it doesn't matter what time of the month.  I get sad when I see someone eating alone or walking home in the rain.  {I've been told not to pick-up anymore random animals or people-- this makes me sad but I get it.}
  4. Motherhood has shaped me, for the better of course. I'm not anywhere as hotheaded as I use to be.  No more club brawls for me.
  5. I have two tattoos one I love the other not so much.
  6. I got the other at 18, which explains it all. Thankfully it's not a Pooh Bear tattoo ;D {apologies to anyone with a Pooh Bear tattoo}
  7. I'm thankful you read through this list! It was hard for me to think of seven more things to share about myself, I feel as though I've been sharing a lot of me lately.
And now for the extremely hard part, I have to nominate only 15 bloggers.  In no particular order... the nominees are..

Shannon @Mishmash Mama
Christine & Janene @More Than Mommies
The Vanilla Housewife @Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife

Just as Elena stated so perfectly, "If you’ve been nominated, don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable about not passing it on.  I understand and respect your decision to choose what’s best for you and your blog!  I’m very realistic to the fact that not everyone chooses to participate in these types of chain posts and I support your decision either way!" 

Please do not feel obligated to create a post, I just wanted to let you know I think you deserve an award! It takes work, time, and love to keep our blogs going, I appreciate yours :) 

Thank you again Elena for the nomination!! XOXO

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