Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Help An Indecisive Sister Out!

Well for the longest time I have been considering chopping my hair off--REAL short! I usually cut my hair every two years and donate it; it's about that time! 
My daughters both cut their hair this Spring, and donated it.... 

It's mommy's turn.

This was my hair like two years ago....
I'd love for y'all to help me pick a look! 
I have a round/ovalish face and naturally curly hair, so those are some things I have to keep in mind when chopping my locks off.

I have a Pinterest board titled Considering, on the board you'll find some hairstyles I <3! I'm not sure if all the hairstyles on the board would work with my face shape.... that is why I'm asking for your opinion! 
Would you do me a huge favor and help this indecisive gal!?!
Tweet me, comment on my Pinterest board, and please comment here too, with the look you think will work for me.
Thanks!! I truly would appreciate your help.


  1. Hands down the Maggie Gyllenhaal one (the second pic) . Maybe cause I love her , but mostly because I also have an oval face and curly hair. I am a very maintenance kind of girl and looks like a wash and go.
    But if you want to go straight and daring the first pic in the second row. That is a real strong look but lovely.

    1. Yes, I love Maggie's hair, plus I think we have similar features. Thank you for helping me out! I cannot wait to finally make a decision, and since I have such amazing friends on twitter and the blogsphere... I think y'all will help me out immensely!

    2. I meant to say *low maintenance * there.
      Good luck Im sure you will get some great ideas.

    3. I knew what you meant :) I love your hair by the way!

  2. I love this one: http://media-cache-ec4.pinimg.com/originals/28/d7/94/28d794947183064cad32da5eeff5a142.jpg and if I could pull it off - which I can't, I totally would! I think it would look cute on you! :)

    1. Well thank you! That's my husband's favorite too! You think I could pull it off for real?
      I don't know, I have been coveting this style for awhile myself...
      Thanks for helping out!

  3. I always get nervous about chopping my hair. I never go too short but I always want to! I checked out your pinterest board and commented there :o) I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal's look for you!

    - croppedstories@gmail.com


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