Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry Social {32}

Hello Friends, we're so happy you are here this week! 
We hope you've all had a lovely week.  
The two of are delighted to have Shelly from DIY Mama co-hosting with us the week.

We will go ahead and let Shelly introduce herself….
Hello Everyone,
I am a craft loving, hot dog eating, flower picking, Disney obsessed, new mommy that lives with her handsome/nerdy husband and attention craving puppy.  I am no longer a career woman but a stay at home nester, which leads me to many hours of DiY crafting while the little bean naps.I have a passion for organizing, gardening, and crafting. I’m still working on improving my photography, painting, sewing and cooking skills (so, I’m sure you’ll see failures of those on my blog!) I’ll also be sure to share with you the whys and hows of what works with our little girl as she grows.
Now that you've met Shelly please go pay her a visit, after you linkup of course :)

Courtney @ What's Up With the Wilhelms

Mrs. AOK,  a Work in Progress



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