Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Show & Tell

….I hope your day is filled with love….

Valentine's Day for Mr. AOK & I will consist of being serenaded by a class full of Kindergartners and guess what-- we cannot wait!
We're actually going to get a little alone time, which doesn't happen often.  Valentine's day is usually about the kiddos here.

Speaking of the kiddos, I thought I'd share our I mean their Valentines.

My little man is handing out Play-doh to his classmates.
We purchased the Play-doh party pack, mini white paper bags, and foam stickers. 
My little guy decorated the bags and had fun picking who got what color...

My baby girl is a Frozen Fan.  She absolutely loves Olaf! Naturally, she chose to go with Olaf for her Valentines…
The two of us gals got to work on PicMokey and made these "Olaf inspired" tags...
{Here's the link… if you'd like to print some off for yourself}

We glued the tags onto more of those mini white paper bags I used for little man's valentines.

We also glued on some shaved ice to give the bags a nice frozen feel :)

Next we filled the bags with Hershey's Hugs and Stickers.

We also made a little something for the teachers…

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