Thursday, February 13, 2014

14 Loves

14 things I love. 14 things that make me happy.  
There are so many more things, but here are 14…
in no particular order.
1. Spending time with my best friend everyday.
2. Going to my kiddos' 101 sporting events :)
3. Seeing my kiddos create.
4. The smiles on my kiddos' faces when they accomplish something huge.
5. Proud moments. The moment when a kiddo rises against ignorance and chooses love.
6. Capturing sweet moments, to have forever, stuck in time.
7. Coffee. Beach. {The two together is a pretty damn AWESOME DAY}
8. My fur baby drives me crazy but he can turn any frown upside down.
9. My babies! My babies fill my heart with so much love.  They make this heart run….
10. Imagination.  Seeing my babies' imaginations in play + exploration.
11. I love my bloggy friends.  You all make me so happy.
12. How I Meet Your Mother dates with My Hubby. We're Netflix lovers.
13. Blogging.  Blogging has become such a happy piece of me.
14. Being married to a caring man, who holds hands, kisses boo-boos, teaches lessons, gives hugs, shows encouragement, provides more than a home, who embraces each one of us here, and who showers me with tons of love everyday…
This life is sooooo good. 
I'm loved, and I love.
Love you!

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