Sunday, January 12, 2014

Introducing @BookwormBundle + a Giveaway!

I'm beyond excited to introduce all of you to Bookworm Bundle!!!
But first, let me give you all a little back story....

I have *met* some quite inspirational bloggers during my blogging days, one such blogger is Amber.
Amber, blogs over at From ABC's to ACT's, she writes about homeschooling and shares fun activities for the kiddos on her blog too.  Amber has a background in education, and if you check out her blog.. you can see her passion for teaching is present.  Her love of teaching and evoking imagination has spilled over from her own children to ours.
Amber along with her husband have created a brilliant, fun, and educational monthly box subscription service that children and parents are going to LOVE!

Why? Okay, I'll tell you why. Each Bookworm Bundle comes with an age appropriate classic well known children's book accompanying the book are 3-4 crafts with {wait for it} ALL THE SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR THE CRAFT!  I know it's awesome.  There's no need to go to the store for anything, everything comes in the box. 

The Bookworm Bundle boxes are geared towards children 2-5 years of age.  My son is five, therefore we received the age appropriate box for him; my eight-year-old daughter also joined in on the Bookworm Bundle fun.

The kiddos were SUPER excited to tear into their box.  Who doesn't love a box in the mail.. right?  My kiddos were oohing and aahing over their box and all the fun inside.

My eight-year-old got straight to reading.

After reading a book here at my home, we sometimes make projects or draw a picture, with Bookworm Bundle, you get everything to help you expand your child's imagination while growing their love of reading. 

Our Bookworm Bundle came with the classic book
Stone Soup.
In this book a slick young man uses trickery to get what he wants... a nice big pot of soup, but what about the stone? 

*Sidenote: Stone Soup was read three times on the first day in our home.

In our box we had all the makings of fun times.

Each craft comes with a card, the card assists parents even explaining the level of messiness. 

The children were given a pot to paint. 

Their very own recipe book to create.
All the supplies needed, including scissors and glue. 
Garden markers and growth chart for their 
Stone Soup Garden.
The seeds and soil for their Stone Soup Garden along with a nice shiny stone.

The kids and I are extremely happy with Bookworm Bundle.  My daughter said this would be great to get every month... this was before she knew Bookworm Bundle was a monthly service.  My son has proudly put his Loyalty Badge on his Bundle Rewards card magnet, which is currently on our fridge.  

How does Bookworm Bundle subscription work:
Month-to-month $29 + free shipping
3 month subscription $84 + free shipping
6 month subscription $162 + free shipping
12 month subscription $300 + free shipping

Be one of the first to sign up today! 
Bookworm Bundle goes live today and you can be one of the first loyal subscribers. I would love for you to support Amber and her husband on this genius endeavor. My opinions along with my children are true... this is an awesome service!
You can also enter the Bookworm Bundle Giveaway
6 months of Bookworm Bundle!!

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