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La Familia de Hoy… Today's Family.

I am a proud member of Latina Bloggers Connect.  Latina Bloggers Connect has chosen me along with other Latina bloggers to share “La Familia De Hoy” Campaign.  This is a sponsored post, trust that my own thoughts are shared below.  The links provided are those given to me  for the Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect collaboration.  Johnson & Johnson along with wants you to vote for your favorite family to become the 2014 Johnson & Johnson  spokesfamily.

La Familia De Hoy.. Today’s Family

This past Thursday many of us sat around the table with our families and laughed as food was gobbled up.   My Thanksgiving was quite different, however spent with mi familia.  We drove miles across America to our new home, South Carolina.  We sang Christmas songs as loud as we could as we drove through snowcapped mountains and wide open spaces.  Our Thanksgiving dinner came late Thanksgiving night as we headed into our corporate housing, the only thing open, a Waffle House.  We gratefully ate our Thanksgiving day meal as a family safe in our new home for the time being.

Although, we were not with our extended family stretched across America we still were connected, we were able to talk and send pictures via our smart phones.  Appreciatively  today although families may be separated by distance technology can bring a family together.

My Vote….

Reading about the families selected for the Johnson & Johnson and Univision “La Familia De Hoy” Campaign, I was touched by the Jimenez family and their close-knit family.  I love that even in today’s fast paced world they are a family connected by love, sports, and proximity to their extended family.  I was reminded of family barbecues back in Texas.  Reading their story I could hear the lively get togethers just like I had back in Texas.  Along, with being a close family that all live literally in each other’s backyard, I love that the family is active.  
The Jimenez children all love to play and enjoy sports, and the eldest Jimenez child Elisa {11 years old} is an Honor Roll Student, which is important to me.  I love a family that plays together, as well as encourages educational greatness.  

Okay, they also have a bulldog {Nut}… and you all know I’m a sucker for a smushy face.  Nut, is a nut when it comes to soccer!  Nut gets out there in the backyard and joins in on family soccer games.  That's a win!

The three Jimenez brothers have kept their families close, and still give back to their community.  The oldest of the Jimenez brothers Juan {featured above with his family} has shared his heart...helping with Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts, and coaching soccer. A giving heart is happy heart!

Your Vote...
The Jimenz family sounds like a fun-loving family, right?  The other families up for the honor of 2014 Johnson & Johnson spokesfamily are pretty awesome too.

Go check out the families and vote for your favorite family!
“La Familia de Hoyvoting site:

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