Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Have a threadUP WINNER!!

I'm excited to share we have a winner for the @thredUP giveaway!!!
The Winner is 
This Mom Said It!
If you missed the giveaway I'm sorry, I hope to run another one soon.
However, I would still love for you to check out thredUP.
thredUP has tons of new and gently used clothes at amazing prices.

Plus you can also send your family's gently used quality clothes or those clothes-you-bought-ahead-of-time-and-forgot-you-hid-them-in-the-back-of-the-closet-and-your-kiddo-never-got-to-wear-them... yup those are perfect to send too!
I sent a mega polka dot bag to threadUP filled with the kiddos' clothes and shoes, new and used, as well as a couple of my items; I'm waiting on my bag to process to see how much I earn :) I'll keep you posted.
If you're bummed you missed the thredUP giveaway here's another giveaway you can enter on my blog, perfect for the nail polish lovers!

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