Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Old School Post and Reflection...

This weekend {Friday.. is technically the weekend..right?} I was laying in my bed thinking about many things, while watching Netflix with my honey.  My mind was going in several directions but mostly thinking about life, and how precious it is, and Aaron.  If you follow me via Twitter or FB you know, I lost a classmate I went to Middle School and High School with, which was of course unexpected at 32 years of life.  His parents sadly had to bear the loss of his brother 17 years ago, and now Aaron.  My heartbreaks for his parents. Although I haven't kept in touch with Aaron over the years, I can tell you he's a good man, and growing up he was such a gentleman.  

My weekend was truly a weekend of reflection and appreciation for life.  I'm happy for every minute I have here, and grateful for all that life has given me.  While I was thinking of all these things while I was suppose to be watching a movie with my honey, my amazingly awesome friends on Twitter were cheering me up.  I love those tweeps! 

Then I got this tweet for Mishmash Mama about #OSBlog Old School Blog. I was happy to read her post, which is one of those old school answer the questions and pass it on.... remember those?  I use to receive those via email all the time back in the day, you know when the internet made that noise when you logged in? 

Reading her Old School post was a much needed distraction, Shannon is so funny, sweet and sincere>> Love her! In Shannon's post I was surprised to read she would like to see my answers to the #OSB Link-up :) And well I'm not one to step down from a challenge, so challenge accepted!

Five Things I Have a Passion For
  1. Being a mother/wife- family is so important to me, I do everything for them. 
  2. Helping others.  I love to help others it's kinda what I do... I'm a Mommy for pete's sake. If you need my help I'm there, and most likely will put my needs behind for you.
  3. To help people realize their effects on this Earth especially my kiddos.  I cannot stand when people don't consider their ecological footprint on our planet.
  4. Peace. If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a hippie. I'm all peace & love.  If I could build bridges all day I would. I hate the divide. It seems we have too much divide these days....
  5. America's Team! Cowboys!! {yes, she did} 

Five Things I would Like to do Before I Die

  1. See all three of my babies monumental life achievements (graduation, college,marriage, career advancement, babies, that kind of stuff)
  2. Travel more (see below)
  3. Write a book 
  4. Create an art charity for children whose parents are in the service.  I grew-up Army and married Army, I've been the-child-of-a-parent-who-went-to-war, and the-mother- of-a-child-whose-parent-went-to-war.  Writing, drawing, coloring, painting, etc., help funnel the child's thoughts into something creative, while allowing the child to express his or her feelings.
  5. I'd love to have a little farm, and have all my babies live there and experience farm life. 

Five Things I Say A Lot
Y'all- I'm from Texas... y'all. 
All three of my kids' names, followed by a myriad of different phrases for example, "Get over here" "don't do that to your sister/brother" and of course "I love you"
Son of a biscuit eater or shut the front door! {I try not to cuss before 8:00p.m after that, it's game on}

Five Books or Magazines I've Read Lately
Everday with Rachel Ray Magazine 
Fast Company

Five Favorite Movies
Super Bad= I'm immature...
Shawshank Redemption= I can be mature
When Fool's Rush In= I like to see myself as Salma Hayek and my husband as Matthew Perry>>read our story here
A Bronx Tale= Who doesn't love a good gangsta flick?

Five Places I want to Travel
My family & I have talked about seeing all 50 states it's on our family bucket list, but for sure I want to see New Mexico it looks so pretty.
Paris ( I know cliche' but I want to see the Effiel tower and put a lock on a fence)
Spain my great great grandfather came to New York by way of Spain, I'd love to learn more about the Spanish culture.
Germany I've actually lived in Germany, but would love to take my husband who is half German and kids who are also part German to learn more about that side. He still has family in Germany. 
Chile, I saw Chile on an episode of one Anthony Bourdain's shows and fell in love with Chile's beauty.  I<3 Anthony!

Five People I'd love to see link-up to this Old School Blog

  1. Daenel @LivingOutsideTheStacks
  2. Courtney @What's Up With the Wilhelms
  3. Heather @Frugal Fit Family
  4. YUMMommy
  5. Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife
I’m linking up with Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life and Alison from Writing, Wishing. You should too!
Don’t forget to tweet with them (@elainea and @AlisonSWLee) and use the hashtag #OSBlog.
Thanks again for thinking of me Shannon! And thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day for me.  I am always humbled by the fact that you come to check me out during your day, thank you!  Life is precious; I love that I am able to share mine with you, and you take time to share yours with me.  Thank you! Sending you all love and positivity today and everyday. XO

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