Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Week.

This has been an incredible week.  

History was made this week, proving LOVE conquers all.

I co-hosted the More Than Mommies TMI Mixer and Vlogged for the first time ever, which is huge for this shy gal.

This tweet from @TheMissusV, made my day! 
Umm... I'm thinking of making her tweet a poster in my cloffice. 
Considering I was scared freaked-the-you-know-what-out, to click publish; this tweet made me feel like-- 
Okay, maybe I wasn't as bad, and I could do this... again!
{Plus I got tons of support from all my twitter friends-thank you!}
Let's see all three of my babies won their games!
Of course the little guy always "wins" his game because in t-ball everyone wins {Yes, I said that with tons of snark}.
Oh shoot I almost forgot!
My Papa-Corn was featured at Frugal Fit Family!
That was totally unexpected and awesome!
I have had a great week playing outdoors with my kiddos and watching old movies that my hubs and I have to wait to see after they're not in theaters anymore with my love.
Made my first purchase for my thrift shop family challenge 
{I will share that this week}
Yup, great week!
I just need to figure out how to keep the kiddos from fighting....
How was your week?
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  1. Hey girl! That is so awesome that you did a Vlog! I've heard about it but I haven't gotten into it much just yet :) Yay for the kiddos! This weekend was awesome. I'm enjoying my hubby being home 3 days out of the week because he works 10 hours on 4 days now. My little guy does something new to surprise me everyday so that is always rewarding to see and it makes every day just that much more special. He's turning 15 months this month so yay! :)

    1. My husband works the same schedule! I love having him home for three days :)

      Take all those little daily miracles and surprises in, time flies waaaaayyyy to fast!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow! Love love love the poster! Would sure like to see that as a backdrop in your future blogs ;) but no pressure :D

  3. Did my comment go through? if not here goes what I said earlier:

    Love love love the poster and I sure would like to see that as a backdrop in your future Vlogs :D but no pressure ;)

  4. What a week! Thanks for mentioning the feature--even though I was in such a hurry that I spelled it wrong. We had family movie time on friday and I was totally going to make the papa-corn with veggie bacon....Then I figured you would drive to Ohio kill me!! Hope this week goes as well or better than last week!


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